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Political Podcast from BowlersDesk.com Chase Madar

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Welcome to another Political Podcast from BowlersDesk.com.

We have a different sort of show for you today.

This time we talk about our country and how it keeps secrets.

I sat down with Chase Madar civil rights lawyer, Slate.com blogger, Blogger for the Nation and now author of “The Passion of Bradley Manning”.

Chase is an advocate for whistle blowers. He wants everyone to know how our country creates secrets and what it means to be a whistleblower.

Chase thinks Manning and Edward Snowden leaked info they believed important for the country to know. Chase points out that while what Manning leaked amounted to the largest leak of classified documents ever, it still is only 1% of one year of data.

Chase isn’t advocating total transparency in my opinion, he does what a change in the way our system of secret works. It was a very interesting hour and well worth the beer and tortas I bribed him with.

Agree or not Chase makes some very interesting points.

You be the judge.

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