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BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast with Greenpeace on board the Rainbow Warrior

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BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast with me Matthew Bowler and San Diego’s Political Professor Ric Epps

This time we are on board the official Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior II.

The original was blown up by the French equivalent to the CIA. So Greenpeace just built another one. This one has a very interesting and avant garde design. The ship has a traditional engine, an electric engine, and two sails. However the sails don’t fly from a traditional mast. Greenpeace is hopping the new design they’re using will work as a proof of concept showing cargo ship builders that using sails are viable for cargo vessels. It’s a very cool and interesting design defiantly worth a serious look.

We talked to her Captain Capitan Joel Stewart

And Green Pease Oceans Campaigner Casson Trenor.

It was a fascinating hour.

We talked about the Greenpeace ship that was seized by the Russian military and the 30 activists that were arrested. We talked about one ironic aspect to global warming and Arctic oil drilling. We talked about Bumble Bee Tuna and read parts of a letter from the San Diego Bumble Bee CEO.

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And now the BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast with special guests from Greenpeace.

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Tuna recall blamed on loose seal

Tuna recall blamed on loose seal


[trib_ndn vid=24562044]SAN DIEGO — San Diego-based Bumble Bee Foods announced Thursday that it is expanding a voluntary recall on specific codes of five-ounce Chunk White Albacore and Chunk Light Tuna products.

bumblebee tunaThe recall, first announced on Wednesday, was issued because the products sold between Jan. 17 and March 6 don’t meet the company’s standards for seal tightness.

Loose seals or seams could result in product contamination by spoilage organisms or pathogens and lead to illness if consumed, according to Bumble Bee. The company said there have been no reports to date of any illness associated with these products.

“We must assure our consumers and retailers of a safe and quality product so we very much appreciate everyone’s part in disposing of the products with the specific codes indicated,” said Steve Mavity, Bumble Bee’s senior vice president of technical services and corporate quality assurance. “We’re voluntarily recalling products to ensure the…

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