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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for June 28, 2013


It’s going to be hot today

Parts of San Diego County will top 100 degrees today. Starting at 6:00 AM there fire restrictions in the Cleveland National Forest because of high wild fire danger. That means no camp fires or open flame cooking and no smoking except for in your car or house.

Also San Diego County has several cool zones set up to help you beat the heat. There is a link to the list in the text of this Bowler’s Desk story. Or you can Google “San Diego County cool zones” and the first two links will take you to the list.

With many of us heading to the beach this weekend it’s good for you to keep in mind that if you get a ticket you can work it off in the City Attorney’s Instant Justice program. The Instant Justice program will start its third year today and run through July 7. In this program people that get certain non-traffic tickets can serve 8-hours of community service cleaning the beach in lieu of paying a fine. And the office will not appear on your record. Common offences are drinking in public, smoking in the park, littering, and urination in public. If your offence qualifies meet authorities at the Pacific Beach Shore Club 9:00 AM on July 8th with $40 dollars cash.

Three sentencing’s on the docket for today. The first two are in San Diego’s downtown courthouse

At 9:00 AM David Zepeda will be sentenced for his part in a multimillion-dollar foreclosure scam.

Also at 9:00 this morning Anthony McCarary will be sentenced for shooting a woman in the head after she rebuffed his advances

Then at 9:30 AM in Vista’s courthouse Fidel Perez Bernal will be sentenced for raping an intoxicated woman.

San Diego Association of Governments Board of Directors is getting together to talk about a yearly oversight committee report about Transnet tax funds. Then at noon San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner is meeting with the press in what he calls a “Pen and Paper” meeting.

Tonight at 7:30 the San Diego Symphony kicks off a special two night Summer Pops series featuring the music of the Rolling Stones.

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Motorcycle-riding Easter Bunny encounters CHP

Motorcycle-riding Easter Bunny encounters CHP


[trib_ndn vid=24685597]LA MESA, Calif. – Highway patrol officers don’t make stops like this every day – the Easter Bunny riding a shiny red motorcycle near La Mesa was pulled over.

California Highway Patrol officer Adam Griffiths pulled over a motorcyclist with a sidecar who was dressed as a giant rabbit on westbound Interstate 8 at Jackson Drive Saturday.

The man was on his way to a charity event, but was not wearing a helmet, CHP East County PIO Brian Pennings said.

“If you ride a motorcycle, you have to be aware of your total surroundings,” explained Pennings.

Pennings’ partner in his squad car pulled up and snapped a picture of the giant rabbit, after he hopped off his vehicle and got a lecture from Griffiths. The photo was widely distributed in the media, and has been getting worldwide play in the blogosphere.

“Griffiths told him it was a serious situation…

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for February 20, 2013


Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating the shooting death of two people this morning at a far north east San Diego County home. Last night at around 9:00 PM someone called 9-1-1 to say that two people were shoot. Deputies arrived about 5 minutes later to find one adult man and adult woman both with gunshot wounds. They were declared dead at the scene. In a press release Sheriff’s Deputies say “…we do not believe there are any outstanding suspects. Detectives are still trying to determine a motive for the shooting.” Many interpret this to mean murder/suicide but there hasn’t been any official confirmation of this.

This morning at 10 AM a San Diego County prosecutor is being sentenced today for conspiracy to obstruct justice. Allison Debow was convicted of the charge because she asked a San Diego Police Sergeant to fix a ticket for her. She was ticked for not wearing a seat belt … a $142 fine … with this conviction it’s mushroomed into possible a year in jail. Debow learns her fate at 10 AM.

This morning snow continues to fall in San Diego County’s mountains. Last night 4 inches fell at elevation over 3500 feet and about a foot at elevations over 4500 feet. Snow flurries are even blanketing elevations below 2000 feet. That’s about a 30 minute drive east of beach. So yes you could drive your pick-up to the snow, fill up your truck bed with snow, then drive to the beach and build a snowman and go surfing all with in about an hour and a half.

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