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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for April 24, 2013


Four sexual assaults have police on the lookout this morning.

First police are hunting for a man that assaulted a woman in her Golden Hills home while she slept. According to San Diego Police the victim woke to the man choking her but she was able to fight him of. The suspect is described as a dark skinned man, five foot eight, 160 pounds, with pock marked cheeks, and speaking with an accent. Video shows him driving a light colored 4-door with tinted windows and polished rimes.

Two other women are assaulted in separate incidents on campus at San Diego State University. The first is described as being six feet talk, mid-thirties, with square rimmed glasses and a black and red hooded windbreaker, driving a four door gray truck. The second tall Asian man, mid-twenties, spiked hair, light colored jeans, white shirt, black glasses, driving a four door BMW or Volkswagen.

And at University of California at San Diego a woman is groped. Police describe the suspect as an Asian male, five foot six, short black hair, wearing a backward ball cap and khakis.

Anyone with any information on any of these assaults should call San Diego County Crime Stoppers at 888-580-8477

San Diego’s City Council is meeting today. Two things of note on the agenda. First this morning at 9:00 the mid-year performance report from the Convention Center. File that under boring but important. Second at 1:30 this afternoon zoning amendments for breweries that want tasting rooms and restaurants slash cafes that want sidewalk dining.

The sidewalk dining is the one getting the most attention. The proposed zoning changes are for one row of tables, cannot be more than four feet six inches away from the building, leave a 3 foot path for walking, no barriers, no tables after 10 at night except for Friday and Saturday then its 11 PM, and smaller restaurants will be able to put a couple tables out however they’ll have to pay fees close to $10,000 dollars and that’s before construction costs.

The County Board of Supervisors is meeting today they are talking about zoning for the general plan and approving some playground improvements.

The new California State University Chancellor Timothy White is talking to the public in a forum this afternoon at 3:00 on campus at San Diego State University. Then at 4:00 he’s going to talk with the press in the Fowler Athletics Building.

At 6:00 PM San Diego’s Park and Rec Balboa Park Committee is meeting and Mayor Bob Filner is presenting his transportation plan for the park.

And finally at 6:30 tonight the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are starting its 5-days of protests at the UniverSoul Circus. The circus is performing at Qualcomm Stadium this week.

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