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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for January 17, 2013


Non-stop flights between San Diego and Tokyo are canceled because the Federal Aviation Administration grounded the Boeing 787. The 787 or Dreamliner’s wings were clipped because of safety concerns raised after an All Nippon Airways (or A-N-A) flight was forced to make an emergency landing because of an electrical fire. This is not Boeing’s first problem with the Dreamliner. Early on in productions fuel leaks were an issue. Around 50 787’s around the world are affected.

A 29-year-old San Diego man is suing the Boy Scouts of America claiming he was sexually abused by a Scout leader in the 1990’s. A FOX5 San Diego report by Christian De La Rosa says that not only does the suit ask for money but it also demands that the Scouts release the names of Scout leaders accused of child sexual abuse.

And today winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour are expected to scrub San Diego’s mountains and coast. Coming from the northeast to east, the winds will peak at around 10 A-M but could continue all day and possibly into the night.

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A-M Briefing from bowlersdesk.com for November 30, 2012


San Diego’s Beaches will be pounded again today. A large storm pummeling Northern California, Oregon, and Washington is also sending a large swell south to us. We are expecting ten foot waves today and up to twelve foot tomorrow.

After a two and a half year investigation into a cold case a couple is under arrest and accused of physically and sexually abusing a twelve year old girl. Inez Martinez Garcia, and Marcial Garcia Hernandez were arrested yesterday and are being charged with thirteen counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14 years old.

The girl says she was originally brought to the states with promise of an education and a better life but instead was repeatedly raped and forced to work. She says that she was threatened with violence and if she refused to work or have sex she was beaten.

The couple will be arraigned Monday afternoon.

The first man freed from prison under Proposition Thirty-Six will be thanking the lawyers and staff that helped to secure his release. Kenneth Corley will be at California Western School of Law today at eleven A-M.

And …

The University of California at San Diego ends it’s a weeklong commemoration of events honoring World Aids Day by displaying the Aids Quilt. The quilt is the largest ongoing art project in the world and will be on display begging at seven A-M at the University’s Price Center ballroom.

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