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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for August 21 2013

Today is day three of Filner watch. San Diego’s infamous mayor is negotiating with the City Attorney, Civil Attorney Gloria Allred, and the city council about the conditions of his resignation. No one, but those in on the negotiations, know exactly what the discussions are about or what conditions Filner wants met for him to resign. The mediator, a retired federal judge, asked everyone to stay quiet.

However the mediation may become a moot point if the recall effort gathers enough signatures. Some think they will have the just under 102,000 signatures by the end of the week.

Will that change Filner’s negotiations?

Or will it make it more difficult to get him to out of office?

This afternoon at 3:00 Scientists from the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute are releasing the two millionth White Sea bass fitted with a tag. The tags help researchers track the fish and aids in their effort to fight the Pacific Ocean’s rapidly declining fish stocks.

And this afternoon at 5:00 Chula Vista’s Eastlake Little League All-Stars will take on the Westport Little League in the lead up to the Little League World Series. The game is going to be shown on ESPN at 5:00 tonight. The winner will go on to the U.S. Championship game this Saturday.

Tijuana’s Little League champs are up against Tokyo’s today at 1:00 PM in Williamsport. Should Chula Vista and Tijuana win there next two games they could face each other in the Little League World Series this Sunday

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