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Coast Guard, Federal Operation Results In Massive Cocaine Seizure

Federal officials have seized more than 56,000 pounds of cocaine in only six months into the new year.

The U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and federal law enforcement agencies seized the cocaine in a record-breaking operation. The coalition seized 53,000 pounds of cocaine in 2014.

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said big busts like these have a huge impact on the international war on drugs.

“The seizures of these kinds of record-breaking amounts of cocaine means there are tens of thousands of pounds that aren’t making their way to the street,” Duffy said. “There are literally billions of dollars that are not making their way into cartel coffers.”

For complete story go here http://www.kpbs.org/news/2015/apr/16/coast-guard-shows-28000-pounds-cocaine-record-brea/

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San Diego Unified, Union Declare Contract Negotiation Impasse

After 10 months of labor negotiations, San Diego Unified School District and its teachers union declared an impasse.

In a statement, Superintendent Cindy Martin said they have “reached tentative agreements on nearly all issues including adding more counselors, nurses and special education support; increasing time for teacher preparation; maintaining benefits; and supporting consistent Visiting Teacher coverage. There are still a few areas where we have been unable to reach agreement.”

Lower class size and pay are the two sticking points — two of the most expensive issues.

The district can’t afford to pay teachers what they are asking for, Martin said.

“It does come down to money when you’re at the very end of the negotiations,” Martin said. ”We have mutually declared an impasse, which is simply another step in the bargaining process.“

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Balboa Park To Host Art, Science Festival

A celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, or STEAM., is on tap this Sunday in Balboa Park.

Organizers expect more than 10,000 people at Balboa Park’s seventh annual STEAM Day.

Free STEAM-themed crafts will line the park’s Prado. And the museums will admit kids under 12 for no charge if they are with a paid adult.

Ashanti Davis from the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center said people forget that science can be stranger than art.

“These things are weird, there are parts of them that are involved in everything that we do and there are parts that are very strange and bizarre,” Davis said. “And we want to know more because we want to know where its going and where its going to take us next.”

Angela Bacon from the San Diego Model Railroad Museum said they hope the event brings joy to science education.

“Because a lot of time when kids think about science and math all they think about is statistics and numbers and it might drag them down a little,” Bacon said. “And this is a fun way to engage people and to learn that science and math can be fun.“

To see the complete list of all that’s going on for everyone at STEAM Day, go to balboapark.org/STEAMday.

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San Diego Youth Symphony, Qualcomm Honored For STEAM Education

Go here to see story as aired on KPBS and as run on KPBS.org.

The hot new movement in education is combining science, technology, engineering, art and math — also known as STEAM education.

Two San Diego organizations — San Diego Youth Symphony and Qualcomm’s Thinkabit Lab — were honored Wednesday for their work on STEAM programs in San Diego schools.

San Diego’s Best Coast Beer Festival

Story originally aired on KPBS

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72 breweries come together Saturday in one big beer festival called ‘Best Coast Beer Fest” all to raise money for charity.

There isn’t any beer here now but Best Coast’s Erik Ulkutekin boasts soon “Beer as far as the eye can see.”

Erik’s wife, Amy, created ‘Best Coast Beer Fest’.

“She said lets do a beer festival and I’m like YES!” Ulkutekin said.

The festival isn’t only about drinking 70 different kinds of beer, they are raising money for the charity Cancer for College. The charity gives college scholarships to cancer survivors. Best Coast founder Amy Ulkutekin said “I knew that partnering with this specific charity and making sure that we had the right team – I have amazing designers, great connections within the brewery world it just made sense.”

Amy said while the whole event cost just over one-hundred thousand dollars to produce – they’re already in the black for the charity.

“A lot of luck and crossing fingers, hahaha,” Amy said.

The park behind the convention center turns from a field of grass into one of San Diego’s larger beer festivals. Erik said choosing all of the beers was grueling.

“The research was every single beer festival we could possibly go to. You know getting dragged into it.” Erik said sarcastically. With a smirk he tries to insinuate he’s ‘working’ and that drinking beer is almost a favor he’s doing his wife.

Best Coast Beer Fest organizers expect close to 5000 attendees.

Temporary Fire Station Coming To San Diego’s Skyline Area

A temporary fire station will soon open in the Skyline area of San Diego, which suffers from slow response times.

The $400,000 station, which is slated to open in April, will serve as a placeholder until a permanent facility can be built for the neighborhood. Construction for the temporary station began on Monday.

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San Diego’s First Medical Marijuana Permit Faces Last Bureaucratic Hurdle

San Diego could have its first legal medical marijuana dispensary this week, but the pot pioneer and his opposition have fought at every step in the process.

The medical marijuana collective A Green Alternative is set to become San Diego’s first officially permitted medical pot shop, almost 20 years after voters passed Proposition 215, allowing for medical cannabis.

David Blair holds a doctorate in business, teaches business ethics at San Diego State University and is the chief executive officer of A Green Alternative.

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Writing Art with Computer Code

Creating art by programming computers is cutting edge for both computer programming and art. The students in Margaret Noble’s art class at High Tech High’s Media Art Center are walking up to that edge and trying to push past it.

Not only did the students have to learn a computer language, but they also had to choose a subject on which to focus their art. More than 50 students chose subjects ranging from police brutality to noise pollution to post-traumatic stress.

And none of the young artists touched a paintbrush or pencil to create their art. The artworks were made one line of computer code at a time.

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UC San Diego Annual Halloween Pumpkin Drop Breaks Record

For the past 40 years a massive Halloween pumpkin has been dropped of the 11th floor of U-C San Diego’s Tioga Hall. This year’s pumpkin weighed 500 pound and had 100 pounds of candy stuffed in side.

Hundreds of UC San Diego students came out to watch the traditional Halloween pumpkin drop. The drop broke a 15-year splat radius record.

The previous record holding drop was in 1995. Students dropped a 398-pound pumpkin that sent its bits and candy flying just over 100 feet.

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Big Changes, High Hopes For Sweetwater School Board This Election

All five of the Sweetwater Union High School District’s Board of Trustee seats are up for grabs in November and many hope the new candidates will bring a fresh start to a district plagued with corruption scandals.

The scandals involving the Sweetwater board of trustees began to unfold almost three years ago. Jill Galvez is a Chula Vista voter and former city council candidate. She said the entire district is still recovering from the humiliation.

“Our community has a black eye because of our crooked board members,” Galvez said. “It’s been an embarrassment, frankly, for the whole South Bay.”

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