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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for November 5, 2013

San Diego Police are on the lookout for a sexual assault suspect that attacked a young woman. At 7:15 on Monday the fourth in the parking garage of the Fiore Terrace Apartments an exchange student was attacked by the suspect. The victim says he had a gun, shoved her up against a car, and stuck his hand up her shirt. Just then someone came out of the elevator and the suspect ran off. He is described as being thin, 5-foot 6-inches tall, and in his late teens or early 20’s.

San Diego County Board of Supervisors is meeting today at 9:00 AM. There are several things on the agenda but the most interesting is about electronic cigarettes. The board is going to talk about possibly developing county policy on the sale and use of e-cigarettes.

At 10:00 AM San Diego City Council is meeting and on the agenda is the possibility of turning the old and soon to be empty San Diego Annex building into a Kaiser hospital.

Then at noon almost the entire council is going to call on San Diegans to donate to the eighth annual Project Homeless Connect. Project Homeless Connect is an annual event that helps homeless people get access to services and help.

At 6:00 tonight County Supervisor Greg Cox is holding a town hall meeting at the San Ysidro Health Center about the Affordable Care Act.

Two arraignments and a sentencing on the court’s docket today.

In Vista at 1:30 Felix Jones will be arraigned for beating his ex-wife’s sleeping boyfriend with a baseball bat.

Then in El Cajon’s courthouse at 1:30 another arraignment, this time for Danny Shaw. He is an unregistered sex offender from Oregon and he’s accused of passing out candy to kids on Halloween.

Then the sentencing of Starley Cristal Geart at 1:30 in Chula Vista’s courthouse for leaving her 4-month-old baby looked in a car while she shopped.

And finally today one of our own is being honored by the President. Vista’s Elizabeth Perez-Halperin is one of twelve veterans being recognized by the president as a “Champion of Change” Perez founded and is president of a contracting company that is working to advance the use of clean energy.

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Political Podcast from BowlersDesk.com 9-1-13

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Welcome to another outstanding Political Podcast from BowlersDesk.com. This week Ric Epps and me (Matthew Bowler) talked about whose going to run for San Diego’s, now open, mayor’s seat.

What does Nathan Fletcher have to offer?

Will Fletcher lock in Democratic support or will Mike Agurrie?

Carl DeMiao has had a rough week … Is he going to continue his run for congress or go for the Mayor’s office?

Who else is going to jump into the fray?

Then on the National stage Syria is on the tips of everyone tongues.

Will be bomb Syria?

Why does Syria matter more than Darfur?

What will the Russians do if we lob a missile at Assad?

All that and more …

As always if your want to jump on your soap box over something we’ve said you can do that by jumping on ours.

Just call 619-663-4531.

Who knows we may put it in the podcast.

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for August 7, 2013

The search for a murder suspect and the child he is believed to have abducted continues today. 40-year-old James Lee DiMaggio is suspected of killing his longtime friend Christina Anderson and absconding with Anderson’s 16-year-old daughter Hanna Anderson. The mother’s remains were found in the burnt remains of DiMaggio’s house along with a child’s. Anderson’s eight-year-old son is also unaccounted for, however the San Diego County Medical Examiner has not positively I.D.’d the remains.

DiMaggio is described as 5 feet 9 inches tall about 150 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. He’s thought to be driving a blue 2013 Nissan Versa sedan, California license plate 6-W-C-U-9-8-6. Authorities think he is running to Texas or Canada.

Anyone with any info should call San Diego County Sheriff’s at (858) 565-5200

More Bob Filner accusers step forward.

Yesterday famous civil attorney Gloria Allred came forward with a Michelle Tyler a nurse and accused Filner of more unwanted sexual advances. Tyler says that she was trying to get help for an injured US Marine Veteran and met with the Mayor while he was in congress and later at the mayor’s office to see if he could help. Tyler’s attorney Allred alleges that Filner was willing to help “but at a price” and that was a “personal and sexual relationship”

Even more allegations about Filner are coming to light.

In a CNN exclusive a several women from the National Women’s Veterans Association of America (NWVAA) who are also victims of sexual assault while in the military say Filner made several unwanted sexual advances. That story is on the front page of CNN.com

In other local political news the San Diego County Board of Supervisors is getting together to talk about an eminent domain hearing. The county wants to widen a road in the North Eastern San Diego County city of Ramona and is trying to use eminent domain to get the land to do so.

Hillary Clinton is in San Diego today. She’s giving a speech at the Global Travel Associations Convention at the San Diego Convention Center

And the President is going to be at Camp Pendleton. Obama is flying to Camp Pendleton from Los Angeles to talk to Marines and Sailors at 12:50 this afternoon.

And finally at 5:30 tonight at the Reuben H Fleet Science Center a talk about the use and rusks of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones

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Supervisors oppose closing tower at Ramona Airport

Supervisors oppose closing tower at Ramona Airport


[trib_ndn vid=24585693]SAN DIEGO — The San Diego County Board of Supervisors went on record Tuesday against the closing of the control tower at the Ramona Airport because of automatic federal budget cuts.

Ramona Airport TowerSequestration cuts would result in the scaling back the number of air traffic control towers, and the Ramona tower is among those that could be affected, according to Supervisors Dianne Jacob and Ron Roberts.

It is the only San Diego County airport that can fully support Cal Fire’s firefighting aircraft, and leaving its tower unstaffed would be a disaster waiting to happen, Jacob said.

“Federal government, because they can’t get (their) budget house in order, is looking to close a facility that’s central to the safety of every man, woman and child in the San Diego region, and not only that but to other Southern California counties,” Jacob said. “So rather that taking a scalpel to its budget…

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for February 22, 2013


Some of San Diego’s most important Democratic politicians will urge President Obama to stop the sequester today. Congressmen Scott Peters, Congressmen Juan Vargas, Mayor Bob Filner, and Councilmember David Alvarez are talking to the media at 8:30 this morning along with Derry Pence President of the Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association. They are worried about how the sequester will affect San Diego maritime industry. Congressman Peters has been making the rounds talking about the sequester and how he thinks it will affect San Diego.

Today the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar will salute the Tuskegee Airmen with a colors ceremony. A colors ceremony is when service members present the nation’s flag, this ceremony will be in honor of the nearly 1000 African-American pilots that broke race barriers and trained at the Tuskegee Army Air Field.

San Diego has another feather in its cap. Trip advisor dot come named La Jolla Cove one of the country’s best beaches. The cove came in at number eight. The number one Trip Advisor beach in the world is … Rabbit Beach in Lampedusa Italy.

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10News – Several San Diegans to be among crowd attending public inauguration ceremony in Washington DC – News Story

FROM KGTV “SAN DIEGO – Several San Diegans will be among the crowd attending President Obama’s public inauguration ceremony in Washington D.C. on Monday.

“I have to tell you that it is pretty exciting,” said Rory Pendergast, the vice president of San Diego County’s Young Democrats.

Pendergast is in Washington D.C. this weekend, taking his place among hundreds of thousands who will attend President Barack Obama’s second inauguration.”

10News – Several San Diegans to be among crowd attending public inauguration ceremony in Washington DC – News Story.

Obama Announcement Live


Watch live as President Obama announces Sen Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Defense Secretary and John Brennan’s nomination for CIA Director