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San Diego Political Podcast Movies and Politics

This time on San Diego Political Podcast I sat down and talked to Josh Board at Polite Provisions and we spend the better part of an hour talking about movie and politics.

Meatbal Sub

Josh ate a massive pork sandwich and was a pleasure to hang out with.

He doesn’t think movies play an important role politically while I think they do.

Oh and about 3 minutes in we talked about the Equal Time for more info on that go HERE.




San Diego Political Podcast

Movie edition.


Talking Movies in a KSWB FOX5 Google Hangout


This was a great hangout. We talked about making books into movies. So many movies start their lives as books and are reinterpreted for the silver screen.

Some of my favorite books into movies are


The Sheltering Sky

The Lord of the Rings

Just to name a few…