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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for February 20, 2013


Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating the shooting death of two people this morning at a far north east San Diego County home. Last night at around 9:00 PM someone called 9-1-1 to say that two people were shoot. Deputies arrived about 5 minutes later to find one adult man and adult woman both with gunshot wounds. They were declared dead at the scene. In a press release Sheriff’s Deputies say “…we do not believe there are any outstanding suspects. Detectives are still trying to determine a motive for the shooting.” Many interpret this to mean murder/suicide but there hasn’t been any official confirmation of this.

This morning at 10 AM a San Diego County prosecutor is being sentenced today for conspiracy to obstruct justice. Allison Debow was convicted of the charge because she asked a San Diego Police Sergeant to fix a ticket for her. She was ticked for not wearing a seat belt … a $142 fine … with this conviction it’s mushroomed into possible a year in jail. Debow learns her fate at 10 AM.

This morning snow continues to fall in San Diego County’s mountains. Last night 4 inches fell at elevation over 3500 feet and about a foot at elevations over 4500 feet. Snow flurries are even blanketing elevations below 2000 feet. That’s about a 30 minute drive east of beach. So yes you could drive your pick-up to the snow, fill up your truck bed with snow, then drive to the beach and build a snowman and go surfing all with in about an hour and a half.

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Storm expected to bring snow to local mountains

Storm expected to bring snow to local mountains