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Sendoff of USS Princeton marred when child is injured

Sendoff of USS Princeton marred when child is injured


[trib_ndn vid=24714316]SAN DIEGO — The guided-missile cruiser USS Princeton and its 400 sailors departed San Diego Wednesday, but the ship’s sendoff was marred when a young boy was injured on the ship.

Boy Injured on ShipThe 567-foot-long Princeton, named after the location of a Revolutionary War battle, left for a six-month deployment and will provide air defense for a strike group led by the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, according to the Navy.

Before the departure, a young boy who fell aboard the vessel. The youngster was carried off the cruiser in a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance. He suffered an arm injury that was not serious.

The Nimitz, which used to be based in San Diego but was transferred to Washington state, will undergo certification exercises before the vessels sail to the western Pacific Ocean and Middle East.

A Navy spokesman said the strike group’s deployment was part of a normal schedule…

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