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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for August 23, 2013

Today at 1:00 the deal between San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner, city officials, and private attorneys will be presented to the City Council for approval in a closed session meeting. San Diego’s now infamous mayor is neck-deep in sexual harassment allegations and his former Communications Director is suing him. The deal is thought to include Filner’s resignation, and an arrangement regarding both the city’s liability and Filner’s. Everyone expects the city council to approve the deal … the details of which will be made public later in the afternoon.

Assuming Filner steps down the city council will pick a day for a special election within the next 90 days. Several candidates are starting to emerge. Check out the special podcast here on BowlersDesk.com for more on who could be San Diego’s next mayor with the President of the political action group Run Woman Run.

There are two sentencings worth noting today … both in San Diego’s downtown courthouse.

First at 9:00 AM Nancy Mendoza Moreno is being sentenced for helping a Mexican kidnapping gang called Los Palillos. She would lure men to various locations around San Diego to be kidnapped and held for ransom.

Then at 1:30 this afternoon Zachary Tenorio is going to be sentenced for killing his naval officer brother during an alcohol fueled fight.

At 8:00 this morning the Boxer Amphibious Ready Group and 2,400 Marines from Camp Pendleton will deploy for the Western Pacific and Middle East.

And finally at 11:00 am about 250 tons af sand will be dumped at the B Street Pier in downtown for Labor Day’s U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge and 3D Art Exhibition.

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for March 26, 2013

AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for March 26, 2013


The California Highway Patrol is on the lookout today for a shooter involved in a possible road rage incident. At 4:30 AM yesterday a Navy Sailor was driving Northbound on state Route 125 onto Westbound state Route 94 when he says he was shot at. He describes the shooter as wearing a gray hoodie and driving maroon Chevy Silverado pickup.

Two big court cases this morning.

First at 8:30 AM Inez Martinez Garcia and Marciel Garcia Hernandez are being arraigned. They are accused of smuggling a 12-year-old Mexican girl into the United States then sexually and physically abusing her.

Then at 9:00 AM the trial for two men believed to be members of a Mexican gang begins today. Jorge Rojas Lopez and Juan Francisco Estrada Gonzalez are accused of murder. The gang called Los Palillos is suspected of participating in drug smuggling, kidnapping, and murder.

This morning a special election for San Diego’s District 4 City Council seat kicks off.
The seat was left open when Tony Yong resigned to take a job as Chief Executive of San Diego’s Red Cross. There are seven candidates. If one does not win over 50 percent of the vote then the top two will have a runoff

And today the Supreme Court is hearing arguments about the constitutionality of California’s Prop 8. There will be rallies on both sides today at the Federal Courthouse in downtown San Diego. At 11:00 AM the Pro Prop 8 rally and then at 6:00 PM the pro-gay marriage.

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Trial of Accused Members of Mexican Murder / Kidnapping Gang Starts Today

Trial starts for two men accused of being members of a kidnapping gang. Allegedly Jose Olivera Beritan and David Valencia are members of “Los Palillos” a gang that supposedly carried out kidnappings and murders in San Diego for Mexican drug cartels.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune’s Dana Littlefield “The homicides, [are] marked by bodies being dumped in ditches or dissolved in acid, offer a vivid example of drug cartel violence that has plagued Mexican border communities spilling into the U.S.”

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