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BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast Guns 9-22-13

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Hello and welcome to this special BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast.

This week Ric Epps and I tackled the tough issue of gun control.

No matter what side of the gun debate you fall on everyone needs to be at the table on this. Both fervent pro gun activists and anti gun activists.

We went out to a pro-second amendment rally in east San Diego County. The Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club hosted the rally. They let anyone that wanted to come out and shoot guns, under the supervision of a club member of course.

We sat down with California State Assemblyman Brian Jones. Brian is a Republican from the 51st assembly district, that’s east San Diego County from Santee out to the Imperial County line. One of the platforms in his campaign was gun ownership. He is a fervent supporter of it. He opposes any gun registration laws and thinks Americans should be able to buy any kind of gun they want.

Sam Paredes the Executive Director of Gun Owners of California also joined us. Sam is as fervently pro-gun as the Assemblyman.

Now for the sake of full disclosure you need to know I am not what could be called pro-gun. I do not believe that you should be able to buy a 50-caliber car mounted machine gun. However I think there are responsible gun owners’ out there. And like most Americans I fall in the grey space between this issue.

Ric and I hope that this is the beginning of a dialog about the issue. Everyone needs to be at the table in a genuine and sincere way on this issue. We just started with the pro-gun people and hope to bring you a Political Podcast with anti-gun activists soon.

This is a hot topic and I’m sure you’ll want to hop on your soapbox over it. So do that by hopping on ours. Call 619-663-4531 leave a message, ask a question, and take part in the discussion. Everyone needs to be at the table.

And now gun control on the BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast.


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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for April 16, 2013


San Diegans are reacting to the Boston Marathon Bombing.

In a KSWB FOX5 story Jason Sloss talked to Ray Barrios, a San Diego man that had just finished the marathon and was being treated for dehydration when the blasts when off. In the story Barrios says “I just figured it was a power line or something that exploded. I really didn’t think much of it – didn’t have a reason to believe anything suspicious or bad happening,”

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner released a statement saying “What happened in Boston today is deplorable and heart-breaking. The City of San Diego weeps with the people of Boston and we stand with you in a nationwide desire and resolve to find a solution to keep random, violent tragedy from striking. Enough is enough.”

Locally San Diego Police, Sheriff, and the airport are not ramping up security but the personnel that is out is practicing a heightened awareness.

Today at San Diego’s City Hall Mayor Filner is going to officially propose his budget for this coming fiscal year. He presented his $2.75 billion budget to the media in it he has $1.2 billion going to the general fund.

On the controversial side Filner is cutting his political rival City Attorney Jan Goldsmith office budget by $1.4 Million. City Council President Todd Glorria describes the cuts as “curious [and] unlikely to be implemented as proposed.”

At 4:30 PM this evening gun control activists are going to rally at Congressman Darrell Issa‘s office. The activists will be submitting petitions in favor of increased background checks for gun buyer. Issa’s office is at 1800 Thibodo Road in the Northern San Diego County city Vista.

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Teacher arrested for bringing gun to school

Teacher arrested for bringing gun to school


[trib_ndn vid=24375869]SAN DIEGO — An English teacher was arrested for allegedly bringing a gun and knife to Farb Middle School in San Diego’s Tierrasanta neighborhood, school officials said.

Seventh- and eighth-grade English instructor Ned Carter Walker, 41, was taken into custody in a parking lot at the Tierrasanta school Monday morning and booked into county jail, according to San Diego Unified School District officials. He later posted $50,000 bail and was released on his own recognizance.

Ned-WalkerSDUSD police Chief Rueben Littlejohn told reporters that the school shooting in Sandy Hook, Conn., may have played a part in Walker’s decision to bring a loaded .380-caliber pistol and a knife with a 2 1/2-inch blade onto the school grounds.  He said that whatever the motive, bringing a weapon to a school campus is a felony.

“We speculate that, based on reports from staff members, this employee had somewhat of an infatuation with…

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Ex-SEAL, another military vet killed at gun range

Ex-SEAL, another military vet killed at gun range


A former Navy SEAL who said his 150-plus sniper kills prompted Iraqi insurgents to place a bounty on his head, was fatally shot at a Texas gun range.

Chris Kyle, 38, was the author of the best-selling “American Sniper: The autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.” He and 35-year-old Chad Littlefield, also a veteran, were gunned down Saturday afternoon in Glen Rose, Texas, southwest of Fort Worth, the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

Police arrested suspect Eddie Ray Routh, 25, and served him with two felony warrants for capital murder.

The three men had apparently gone to the shooting range together, and no one else was around, Sheriff Tommy Bryant of Erath County told CNN on Sunday. The bodies were found at the range two hours later when someone came along.

Routh’s family members could not be reached immediately for comment. No attorney has made…

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for January 16, 2013


Yesterday in anticipation of today’s gun control announcement by Obama and Biden many of San Diego’s politicians and law enforcement issued their support.

San Diego’s Police Chief William Lansdowne came out in support of more gun control saying to FOX5 San Diego “Stricter back ground checks, a ban on assault weapons, and a data base that tracks guns, needs to be the starting point”

Also San Diego Counties Southernmost city Chula Vista passed a resolution aimed at reducing gun violence. And earlier this week Del Mar city officials decided to ask for an end to the Del Mar Gun Show.

San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency says four more San Diegans have died from the flu. That brings the total to six. Officials say the best protection against the flu is the vaccine. They also say to be sure and wash your hands toughly, use hand sanitizer, and to stay away from sick people.

And the Chargers have a new Head Coach. Mike Mcoy was hired yesterday. He’s leaving his job as Offensive Coordinator with the Denver Broncos. McCoy was chosen from a final group of five candidates.

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for Friday December 17, 2012


The Sandy Hood tragedy is sparking another gun control debate and its hitting home in San Diego.

Fears of potential new gun regulations are boosting sales for San Diego gun dealers. According to a KSWB report sales have gone up as much as forty percent. In the report by Sharon Chen a gun shop owner says “People who are predisposed to do evil things will find a way to do it … Let’s not look to fix blame on an inanimate object.”

And today several organizations are giving away toys and food to San Diego’s needy.

In separate events the San Diego Labor Council, United Way, Salvation Army, and Inmates from the Raymond J Donovan Correctional Facility are all giving to those in need.

And another cold front is making its way into San Diego County today. It will bring strong winds later today along with rain on the coast and snow in the mountains.

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