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Good morning this is the AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for June 6, 2014

Last night at around 10:00 two men were shot and police say it appears to be random. The two men were walking down Villa Terrace near University with two other men when a red Toyota pull up near them and someone in the car fired at least six times. One man was shot in the hand the other in the ankle. Police say that at this time it seems like a random shooting, however the investigating is ongoing and that could change.

This afternoon at 1:30 in San Diego’s courthouse Josh Thomas Churchill, owner of a Poway karate studio, will be arraigned and accused of have sex with girl over the course of three years. Sheriff’s deputies arrested Churchill and are accusing him of more than 500 charges. He is being help on $25 million dollars bail.

Tonight at 4:00 at the Costa Mesa Neighborhood Community Center the California Public Utilities Commission is talking about the $3 point 3 billion dollars it’s going to cost to shutdown of the San Onofre nuclear power plant. The deal makes customers of Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas and Electric responsible for the bill. Originally the state commission wanted $4 point 7 billion from customers but that went down a billion because of a faulty steam generator.

Early this morning at 7:30 the San Diego and Tijuana Urban Land Institute is hosting a panel about how to be ready for the next economic downturn. They’ll be at the University Club in downtown San Diego.

This morning at 10:00 San Diego City Council is meeting and expected to approve a $3 point 9 million dollar contract with TASER International. They are the contractor San Diego Police picked to supply there new wearable cameras. 300 cameras are being given to SDPD officers to wear for evidence gathering purposes. Officials also think they’ll help with officer accountability. The cameras are going to be given to officers working in San Diego’s more urban areas, like downtown and City Heights.

At noon outside of San Diego’s City Hall in Civic Center Plaza there will be a rally to raise San Diego’s minimum wage.

The Port of San Diego Board of Commissioners is meeting at 1:00 this afternoon about the coming fiscal year’s budget.

Chula Vista City Council is meeting at 2:00 this afternoon and they are talking about the regulations for what they call “sexually oriented businesses”.

Drones are on topic for the California Unmanned Aircraft Systems Summit this afternoon at 2:30 in Point Loma’s Liberty Station.

And finally tonight at 5:00 San Diego Unified School District Board of Education is meeting about a three year budget proposal that will reportedly “align” the districts expenses and revenues and they are expected to approve next year’s budget.

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San Diego Political Podcast BowlersDesk.com 4-15-14: Tijuana Tuesday | Political Podcast with Vicente Calderon from TijuanaPress.com

Or listen on iTunes HERE http://bit.ly/12bfoHB

Tijuana is the elephant in the room for San Diego news. Tijuana is an ignored city in San Diego news circles. Only stories that are sensational make even the back pages here in the states. And they almost always seem to be about violence.

I don’t think it because of a systemic racism. No it’s just about the dollars. The rating companies don’t give San Diego media the viewer numbers for their news product in Tijuana. So there is no way to monetize covering news just across the boarder. If the Nielsen rating company would give Tijuana number with San Diego numbers I’m sure we’d cover the city and people of Tijuana a lot more in San Diego.

However what that has done is opened the door to smaller news producers like the one i talked to for this BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast.

Journalist Vicente Calderon and I have known each other for years. He was an anchor in Los Angeles and left that to start a Tijuana based news website TijuanaPress.com.

He and his team follow all the top stories in Tijuana. He is also the go-to-guy for Tijuana news. He often field produces for American and other international media when they need someone.

He’s covered all of what we think about as stereotypical Tijuana stories … prison riots, drug murders and cartel battles. However he and his team cover the stories that don’t get coverage in American media like political debates and even the odd art opening.

We talk about media freedom and making a living as a journalist in Tijuana.

In the middle of the interview small drone started flying over our heads, file that under weird. But it shows how similar our two countries approaches to gathering news are. I know the TV station I work is defiantly looking at using a drone to gather news, not using it yet but I’m sure its coming.

I think this is a fascinating podcast and I hope you enjoy it.

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