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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for June 11, 2014

Escondido SWAT officers thought they had a teen suspect wanted for assault with a deadly weapon hold up in an apartment, only to learn the young-man escaped. Officers saw the teen run into an apartment on the 900 block of East Mission Avenue in Escondido at around 6:30 last night. Authorities became convinced their suspect was hold up and called a SWAT team and evacuated 11 surrounding apartments at around 7:45. Just after midnight officers went into the apartment and leaned it was empty. Escondido PD thinks the teen suspect escaped before the stand-off started.

At 9:00 AM in El Cajon’s courthouse opening statements start in the trial of a man accused of raping two women, one of which he allegedly met through the Christian dating web site ChristianMingle.com. 38-year-old Sean Patrick Banks is accused of forcible rape, rape of an unconscious person, sex with a foreign object and burglary. He’s looking at up to 44-years in prison.

San Diego City Council is in committee meetings all day today. First at 9:00 the Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee is talking about a possibly raising the minimum wage to over $13 an hour. Currently its $8 per hour and its set to go up to $9 next month then $10 in 2016. However many, including City Council President Todd Gloria, don’t think that’s enough. Gloria wants to raise it to $13.09 and require employers to give workers five sick days every year.

Then at 2:00 this afternoon the council’s Smart Growth and Land Use Committee is talking about a report that shows a connection between crime and liquor licenses.

Civic San Diego Board of Directors is meeting at 9:00 AM and the big thing on the agenda is an approval of $4 million more dollars to finish construction on a new park at Horton Plaza. The Northern end of Horton Plaza was demolished and there was supposed to be a park built on the now vacant lot, however it has yet to be built and its gone way over budget. The vacant lot is at Broadway and 4th in downtown San Diego and it’s even visible on Google Maps.

Nice Guys of San Diego is honoring their “Nice Guy of the Year” at 10:00 this morning at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse. T. Denny Sanford will be recognized for all of his philanthropic work.

This afternoon at 1:00 San Diego Humane Society and the Society for the Protection and Care of Animals is bringing pets down from Los Angeles overcrowded shelter and hoping to adopt them out. About 20 dogs are going to take the ride south to us for the hope of a new home.

And finally tonight at 6:30 the diversity and experience of our veterans is the topic of a panel discussion at the San Diego Central Library.

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for December 6, 2012


A tuberculosis scare has parents on edge.

County Health and Human Services Agency reports that two schools on either end of San Diego County have been exposed to T-B. Vista High School may have been exposed between august 20 and October 30 and San Ysidro Middle School between July 31 and November 28. Free testing clinics are set up. Vista High’s will be on December 18 a San Ysidro Middle School on December 10.

Labor is making gains in San Diego politics.

Lorena Gonzalez C-E-O of the San Diego and Imperial County Labor Council says she’s going to run for state assembly; however she’s only running if the current office holder Ben Hueso wins his bid for the state senate.

Ok here’s how this is working out

When Bob Filner won the mayor’s office his Congressional seat was up for grabs and Juan Vargas stepped in and won that seat. Vargas left his state senate seat open and Ben Hueso is hoping to win that seat in a special election … now if he wins, which is very likely, then Lorena Gonzalez will step in and run for Hueso’s now open state assembly seat.

Its political musical chairs …

Oh and FYI they are all Democrats.

Today students getting ready for finals at Cal State San Marcos will get a bit of stress relief from some therapy dogs. The rancho Coastal Humane Society is visiting the campus and offering the anxious co-eds a bit of what they call “Fur Therapy”. The students get to pet away their nerves with the special dogs before taking their end of semester tests.

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