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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for June 17, 2013


Our morning commute is still being affected by a brush fire from Sunday evening. This fire is 100 percent contained however according to C-H-P the number 3 lane on the East Bound 52 will remain blocked for the morning commute. According to San Diego Fire Dispatch the fire burned 110 acres in the Mission Trails Regional Park. The cause is still under investigation.

A bunch of readiness and status conferences that I’m not going into now however … In Vista’s courthouse at 1:30 this afternoon the arraignment for Arturo Salazar he is accused of murdering the mother of his two children and stuffing her body under a bed in his garage.

Also at 1:30 this afternoon in San Diego’s courthouse Andrew Marcinowski is being arraigned. He is accused of leading police on a car chase and crashing into two other cars during the pursuit.

The San Diego City Council is meeting and the big thing on the agenda is Verizon asking for approval to put up a dozen cell towers in Encanto.

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Stolen cell phone leads to carjacking suspect

Stolen cell phone leads to carjacking suspect


SAN DIEGO – A cell phone played a key role in tracking down an armed carjacking suspect Wednesday evening, police said.

Cell phone suspectA man carrying a pellet gun approached a woman in the Fashion Valley Mall parking lot near JCPenney’s around 8:15 p.m., then stole her Jaguar, San Diego police lieutenant said.

Investigators tracked the suspect to Guymon Street in Southeast San Diego after tracing the signal of the victim’s cell phone that was inside the stolen car, the lieutenant said.

Police said they recovered a pellet gun when they took the suspect into custody, police said.

The identity of the suspect was not released.

The woman was uninjured.

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