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BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast Guns 9-22-13

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Hello and welcome to this special BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast.

This week Ric Epps and I tackled the tough issue of gun control.

No matter what side of the gun debate you fall on everyone needs to be at the table on this. Both fervent pro gun activists and anti gun activists.

We went out to a pro-second amendment rally in east San Diego County. The Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club hosted the rally. They let anyone that wanted to come out and shoot guns, under the supervision of a club member of course.

We sat down with California State Assemblyman Brian Jones. Brian is a Republican from the 51st assembly district, that’s east San Diego County from Santee out to the Imperial County line. One of the platforms in his campaign was gun ownership. He is a fervent supporter of it. He opposes any gun registration laws and thinks Americans should be able to buy any kind of gun they want.

Sam Paredes the Executive Director of Gun Owners of California also joined us. Sam is as fervently pro-gun as the Assemblyman.

Now for the sake of full disclosure you need to know I am not what could be called pro-gun. I do not believe that you should be able to buy a 50-caliber car mounted machine gun. However I think there are responsible gun owners’ out there. And like most Americans I fall in the grey space between this issue.

Ric and I hope that this is the beginning of a dialog about the issue. Everyone needs to be at the table in a genuine and sincere way on this issue. We just started with the pro-gun people and hope to bring you a Political Podcast with anti-gun activists soon.

This is a hot topic and I’m sure you’ll want to hop on your soapbox over it. So do that by hopping on ours. Call 619-663-4531 leave a message, ask a question, and take part in the discussion. Everyone needs to be at the table.

And now gun control on the BowlersDesk.com Political Podcast.


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