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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for April 2, 2014

San Diego County mountains are expecting up to 7 inches of snow today according to the National Weather Service. A cold storm system is moving through the county this morning and elevations over 4500 feet will be hit. Tomorrow could be a good day to go visit the snow! Because that’s what we do in San Diego … we visit the snow!

However the snow hitting in the east means that rain is falling in along the coast. That could really mess up our commute. So drive carefully.

The Affordable Care Act hit home for San Diego yesterday when the President mentioned a 57-year-old Solana Beach man in his speech announcing that 7.1 million people signed up for health care. Sean Casey, a software engineer, wrote an email to the President thanking him for the ACA.

The President said “Sean Casey from Solana Beach, California, always made sure to cover his family on the private market, but pre-existing medical conditions meant his annual tab was over $30,000. This year, the Casey family’s premiums will fall from over $30,000 to under $9,000.”

Disgraced former San Diego Police officer Anthony Arevalos is still making headlines. Yesterday a federal judge said that there is enough evidence to put the SDPD, the department, on trial for engaging in what plaintiff lawyers say is “a systematic cover-up of Arevalos” sexual assaults. In 2011 Arevalos was convicted of felony and misdemeanor sexual battery, asking for brides and assault and battery. His case involved five-victims.

Student workers at University of California San Diego are protesting this morning at 8:30. They want to stop what they say is “illegal bullying and union-busting that UC management”. This protest is part of a state wide series of protests at University of California campuses. This morning’s protest along with another one this afternoon at 1:30 will be at the Geisel Library on campus at UC San Diego.

San Diego’s Salary Setting Commission is meeting at 3:30 this afternoon. They are talking about a possible change to the City Charter that would change the way the city council and mayor are paid.

Tonight at 4:00 Oceanside City Council is looking at banning e-cigarettes.

Proponents of the ban say:

  • The use of e-cigarettes by minors nationwide more than doubled from 2011 to
  • 2012.
  • E-cigarettes are often sold in flavors that appeal to minors such as Gummy Bear,
  • Bubble Gum and Marshmallow.
  • People passively exposed to second-hand e-cigarettes aerosol absorb nicotine in at levels comparable to secondhand smoke.
  • Nicotine raises blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and glucose levels.
  • Nicotine makes the heart pump harder to pass blood through constricted arteries.

At 1:30 PM in Chula Vista’s court Jose Ascencio Gomez is scheduled to be arraigned for stabbing his ex-wife over and over again during a fight at her house.

This morning at 11:00 students form Escondido Charter High School and Heritage Charter School will try to build the world’s biggest peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They’ll be doing this at the high school at 1868 East Valley Parkway in Escondido.

And finally today the charity Mama’s Kitchen celebrates delivering its 7 millionth meal. Mama’s Kitchen takes prepared food to people with HIV/AIDS and cancer.

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A-M Briefing from bowlersdesk.com for November 30, 2012


San Diego’s Beaches will be pounded again today. A large storm pummeling Northern California, Oregon, and Washington is also sending a large swell south to us. We are expecting ten foot waves today and up to twelve foot tomorrow.

After a two and a half year investigation into a cold case a couple is under arrest and accused of physically and sexually abusing a twelve year old girl. Inez Martinez Garcia, and Marcial Garcia Hernandez were arrested yesterday and are being charged with thirteen counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14 years old.

The girl says she was originally brought to the states with promise of an education and a better life but instead was repeatedly raped and forced to work. She says that she was threatened with violence and if she refused to work or have sex she was beaten.

The couple will be arraigned Monday afternoon.

The first man freed from prison under Proposition Thirty-Six will be thanking the lawyers and staff that helped to secure his release. Kenneth Corley will be at California Western School of Law today at eleven A-M.

And …

The University of California at San Diego ends it’s a weeklong commemoration of events honoring World Aids Day by displaying the Aids Quilt. The quilt is the largest ongoing art project in the world and will be on display begging at seven A-M at the University’s Price Center ballroom.

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