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Owning Enthusiasm: SDSU Wants to Trademark ‘I Believe’ Cheer

San Diego State University is trying to trademark a cheer.

It’s commonly referred to as the “I Believe” cheer. At Aztec games, one fan screams “I” and the crowd repeats it; then “I believe,” adding one word at a time through “I believe that we will win!” It ends with an ear-piercing climax when the whole crowd shrieks, “Win!”

Aztec basketball fans have become famous for using the cheer in recent seasons. The student section, known as “The Show,” will have hundreds of fans jumping and chanting the cheer in unison during games. They are waves of Aztec passion, like breakers to the shore.

The synchronized, undulating mob screams the mantra to both inspire their team and freak out the opposition.

It has been known to work.


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