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AM Briefing from for May 23, 2014

More controversy for San Diego’s Police Department. This time it’s about what happened to a million dollars seized from criminals like drug runners. Jeff McDonald from UT San Diego broke the story. According to McDonald in 2010 SDPD submitted a report showing their closing balance at $1,153,426. Then the next year the beginning balance was $153,426. So what happened to the million dollars? SDPD Lt. Kevin Mayer says “We acknowledge you have noted a discrepancy, we have asked the City Comptroller to do a complete review and audit of the seized asset fund to see if there is an error.”

In the past couple of years SDPD has been marred by sexual misconduct from a few of its officers. Chief Shelly Zimmerman was brought in to ferret out problems in the department, like officers sexually assaulting suspects, however a missing million dollars in a whole different level of problem.

This morning at 9:00 in San Diego’s courthouse 40-year-old Douglas Michael Ellens will hear his fate for robbing three banks all within one week last summer. Ellens pleaded guilty. His lawyer says Ellens has a drug and alcohol problem and should be placed on probation and sent to rehab.

Also at 9:00 AM the San Diego Association of Governments Board of Directors is meeting about their budget plan for the coming year.

Today two of San Diego County’s theme parks have big new openings

First at 9:00 AM the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park is opening its new 19 point 5 million dollar Tull Family Tiger Trail. The tiger exhibit is over 5 acres with all kinds of stuff for the tigers to play with.

Then AT 10:00 Legoland is opening up its new “Legends of Chima” water park. The park has a 250,000-gallon wave pool, an arch that looks like a lion made out of more than a quarter million Lego bricks and more.

And finally at 4:00 this afternoon the San Diego Jazz Festival kicks off its three day run at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa in Del Mar.

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AM Briefing from for May 21, 2014

There isn’t enough evidence to charge 19-year-old Isaiah David Silva with arson, according to the District Attorney. Silva and a 17-year-old were both arrested and suspected of arson during last week’s devastating wild fires. Witnesses say they spotted to people matching their description trying to set two separate fires. The 17-year-old had his detention hearing yesterday but no word on if he is being charged or not.

They were never accused of setting any of the fires that burned 20,000 acres and destroyed several homes. However if new evidence comes to light the DA will vigorously prosecute.

D.A. Bonnie Dumanis and Sheriff Gore are taking part in a summit about prisoner realignment and what that is going to mean for San Diegans. Prisoner realignment means that the state prisons will send nonviolent offenders to the county and the county is going to decide who to keep and who to release. It has the potential to fill up the county jails. They’ll be at the Jacobs Center on Euclid Ave at 9:00 AM.

San Diego City Council is meeting today. First this morning at 9:00 they are talking about some revision for next year’s budget proposal. Then at 2:00 this afternoon the council’s Environment Committee is talking about how to get plastic bags out or watersheds.

Keeping beekeeping in San Diego County is what the Board of Supervisors is talking about this morning at 9:00

Then at 1:00 Civic San Diego Board of Directors is talking about the process of bidding on Horton Plaza projects and the salary of the interim board president.

San Diego Unified School District is showing off some of its students work tonight at 4:00 at Liberty Station’s Conference Center. The students worked with some businesses to create products that solved a problem.

At 8:00 AM the San Diego Zoo is giving the press a sneak peek at the new $19.5 million dollar Tull Family Tiger Trail exhibit. It’s got over five acres filled with rocks, ponds, and trees in three separate spaces for the tigers.

Also at 8:00 Habitat for Humanity is building playhouses to give away to some lucky families.

And finally at 6:00 at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center is showing videos from 11 finalists in a student videos contest about water conservation. The winner gets their movie shown before this summer’s movies at the Mission Valley and Plaza Bonita AMC Theaters.

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AM Briefing from for April 3, 2014

State politics is hitting home.

Republican lieutenant governor candidate Ron Nehring is proposing some changes that he thinks will help to stop political corruption.

Nehring is well known in San Diego and very active within the local Republican party.

Four of California’s Democratic politicians are facing civil or criminal charges most notably Democratic state senator Leland Yee who was arrested for being part of a gun-running operation. Nehring is trying to use this in his campaign against his Democratic opponent the current lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom. His proposal, which in my opinion will go no wear past his campaign, is really about trying to get voters to see Democrats as corrupt and unethical.

However Newsom and Governor Brown (who is a Democrat too) are calling on the senators facing charges to all resign.

It is still technically too early to say that Nehring is the official Republican candidate. However many believe he will be. It’ll be interesting to see if voters begin to see things the way Nehring does and how that will shape the future of California politics.
Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is in San Diego today. At 11:00 AM he’s sitting on a panel at the American Association of Political Consultants annual meeting that’s happening here through tomorrow. The panel is talking about politically active bicycling groups. He’s supposed to talk to the press after the panel and I wonder if anyone is going to ask him about Nehring’s new anti-corruption platform?

Dangerous distracted driving is what San Diego law enforcement is talking about this morning at 10:00. Officers will be demo’ing how dangerous it can be to talk on cell phone while driving at Qualcomm Stadium’s C, D and E parking lots.

This morning at 11:00 Fast-food employees are protesting what they say is “wage theft” out front of a KFC and Taco Bell at 4290 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard.

There are two sentencings worth mentioning both at 1:30 this afternoon. In Vista’s courthouse Abel Hernandez is being put behind bars for molesting a relative for years.

Then in Chula Vista’s courthouse Azteco Frankie Soto is being sentenced for destroying a school cafeteria over last year’s Thanksgiving holiday.

A new playground is being designed by the experts who will use it, the kids. At 3:00 this afternoon the City of El Cajon, Foresters, Stoney’s Kids, the Boys & Girls Clubs of East County and KaBOOM! are all coming together to hear firsthand what kids want in a playground. They’ll be at Wells Park on Madison Ave in El Cajon.

And finally this morning at 8:00 the San Diego Safari Park is giving the media a special preview of the opening of its annual Butterfly Jungle. The enclosure has over 30 species of butterfly all fluttering about.

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AM Briefing from for October 24, 2013

Early this morning at 6:30 members of the Avocado Court Community Garden are expanding. The Escondido garden is a place for renters to grow and share their own food. Now it has the capacity to serve 18 families and after the expansion they’ll be able to serve 100.

This morning at 8:00 the San Diego Zoo is unveiling four new Tasmanian devils. They are part of the Zoo’s new Conrad Prebys Australian Outback exhibit.

At 10:15 AM Interim Mayor Todd Gloria is talking to the press about the projects he wants the city to fund out of a $120 million dollar bond. The bond is will be looked at by the council in January. Council members Marti Emerald and Mark Kersey will are joining Gloria. This press conference is replacing Gloria’s weekly open discussion with the media so he’ll take questions on other issues too.

An all-night vigil at San Diego State University in honor of the 234 alumni killed in battle will begin at 5:00 tonight. It’s part of the SDSU series of homecoming events.

And finally tonight at 5:30 the first La Costa Film Festival starts. The first film is a documentary about the seven best golfers in the world called “The Short Game”.

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Sailors save Navy vet’s life at zoo

Sailors save Navy vet’s life at zoo

Ensign Janean Wujek and Stephanie MoorSAN DIEGO – Two Navy sailors visiting the San Diego Zoo with family stumbled upon an unconscious man and worked together to save his life, Navy officials said.

The incident happened the day after Thanksgiving. Ensign Janean Wujek and Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Stephanie Moor of the Naval Medical Center San Diego were on their way to see the Zoo’s hippopotamus exhibit when they saw a group of concerned people.

“As I approached, I noticed a man approximately 65 years of age lying lifelessly on the ground. I informed [the bystanders] that I was a corpsman from the Cardiac Rehab Clinic at NMCSD and asked if they wanted help,” said Moor.

“There was a woman saying, ‘Stop, don’t go over there! There is a man getting CPR.’ My mind clicked into nurse mode, and I immediately ran over,” Wujek said. “When I arrived, the victim was not breathing. He was…

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11/13/12 San Diego Quick News Update


Today at 10 am the San Diego Zoo will announce the name of its 15-week-old giant panda cub.

In keeping with Chinese tradition the zoo waited 100-days to name the panda

The zoo will choose from 5 names chosen out of over 7000 submissions.

The finalists are

— Qi Ji, which means Miracle;

— Yu Di, which means Raindrop;

— Da Hai, which means Big Ocean or Big Sea;

— Xiao Liwu, which means Little Gift;

— Yong Er, which means Brave Son; and

— Shui Long, which means Water Dragon.

San Diego’s Zoo is one of the four zoo’s in the U-S to have giant pandas.
Estimates are only sixteen hundred are left in the wild

And …

Kassim Alhimidi will be arraigned for the murder of his wife.
Alhimidi is accused of beating his wife to death with a crow bar
at first many thought the murder was a hate crime

A note left next to the body read “go back to your own country you terrorist”

8-months after the murder Alhimidi was arrested.
He will be in front of a judge at 1:30 this afternoon

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Civil Rights for Whales … Arguments Today

Today at 10:30 am Lawyers from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will argue that Orcas have civil rights. PETA believes that SeaWorld is violating the Killer Whales rights specifically the 13th Amendment.

The 13th Amendment officially outlaws slavery. The lawyers will argue that the whales (Tilikum, Katina, Kasatka, Ulises, and Corky) are slaves being forced to “work” for SeaWorld.

“Nothing in the 13th Amendment excludes these extremely social, sentient, and intelligent beings from its protections, and SeaWorld’s treatment of these five orcas absolutely defines slavery,” says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. “The five plaintiffs were violently seized from their ocean homes and families to serve their ‘masters’ and are being made to do cheap tricks during an entire lifetime of privation.”

While the hearing is open to the public cameras are not allowed.

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