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Olivenhain shooting suspect to be arraigned

Olivenhain shooting suspect to be arraigned

Olivenhain ShootingVISTA, Calif. — A 61-year-old man accused of gunning down a North County documentary filmmaker outside the victim’s home following a months-long dispute over foliage in the neighborhood is scheduled to be arraigned in Vista Tuesday.

Michael Vilkin of Encinitas was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder on Thursday, hours after he allegedly shot Olivenhain resident John Upton, who gained fame for his crusade to rescue Romanian orphans living in nightmarish conditions during the communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu.

Upton, 56, died on a dirt path in his yard in the 2900 block of Lone Jack Road shortly after 9 a.m. The slaying evidently resulted from a running dispute between the two men, said sheriff’s Lt. James Bolwerk, who declined to elaborate.

In a jailhouse interview, the suspect, who owns a vacant lot next to Upton’s property, told 10News he fired the fatal shots in self-defense.

Vilkin told the television…

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Motorcycle-riding Easter Bunny encounters CHP

Motorcycle-riding Easter Bunny encounters CHP

[trib_ndn vid=24685597]LA MESA, Calif. – Highway patrol officers don’t make stops like this every day – the Easter Bunny riding a shiny red motorcycle near La Mesa was pulled over.

California Highway Patrol officer Adam Griffiths pulled over a motorcyclist with a sidecar who was dressed as a giant rabbit on westbound Interstate 8 at Jackson Drive Saturday.

The man was on his way to a charity event, but was not wearing a helmet, CHP East County PIO Brian Pennings said.

“If you ride a motorcycle, you have to be aware of your total surroundings,” explained Pennings.

Pennings’ partner in his squad car pulled up and snapped a picture of the giant rabbit, after he hopped off his vehicle and got a lecture from Griffiths. The photo was widely distributed in the media, and has been getting worldwide play in the blogosphere.

“Griffiths told him it was a serious situation…

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AM Briefing from for April 1, 2013


Today is Cesar Chavez Day and most San Diego government offices are closed.

Parking meters are free today, Balboa Park is open and so is the Miramar landfill.

As for the County: administrative offices, libraries and animal shelters are all closed.

At 10:00 AM the 6th annual Cesar Chavez Day March will start. Beginning at Spanish Landing near the airport about a 1000 union members will walk through downtown San Diego ending with a rally near City Hall. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, San Diego Unified School District trustee Richard Barrera and Labor Council CEO slash Assembly candidate Lorena Gonzalez … are all set to participate.

Today is the opening game for the San Diego Padres.

They are playing the New York Mets in New York.

Padres are hoping to improve on their losing 2012 record … 76/86

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Cesar Chavez Google doodle outrages some

Cesar Chavez Google doodle outrages some

He was the leader of a movement that inspired the downtrodden all across the land, but not the one whom some expected to grace Easter Sunday’s Google doodle.

On Sunday, Google’s doodle over its search bar featured a beatific portrait of Mexican American labor icon Cesar E. Chavez — rather thana celebration of Easter, the day Jesus rose from the grave. That riled some Christians and Easter fans for what they perceived as a slight.

Chavez, who died in 1993, would have been 86 on Sunday.  The state of California has declared March 31 of every year to be Cesar Chavez Day.

PHOTOS: Google Doodles of 2013

Jesus has Chavez beat in the messiah-beloved-by-many department, but the son of migrant laborers is no slouch. His home is a national historic site, he has his own national monument, and his name graces streets and schools all around the country…

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San Diego’s First Fire Academy in Years



These are pictures from the first San Diego Fire Academy graduation in several years.

The SDGD has had a hireling freeze … Looks like positive change is in the wind for the department.

Dates for airport traffic tower closures announced

Dates for airport traffic tower closures announced

RAMONA, Calif. — Airport traffic control towers in Ramona, Pacoima, Fullerton and Riverside will close April 7 under the Federal Aviation Administration’s forced spending cuts, the agency announced Wednesday.

Ramona Airport TowerIn addition, a control tower in Lancaster will close April 21 and a tower in San Diego will shut down May 5, FAA officials said.

The affected San Diego County towers are located at Ramona Airport and Brown Field. The others on the list are at Whiteman Airport in Pacoima, Fullerton Municipal Airport, Riverside Municipal Airport and Gen. William J. Fox Airfield in Lancaster.

The Southern California locations are among 149 federal contract towers nationwide expected to close within a four-week period.

“We heard from communities across the country about the importance of their towers and these were very tough decisions,” Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said last week.

In early March, the FAA proposed to close nearly 200 towers — including…

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3rd pair of bald eagles found in county

3rd pair of bald eagles found in county

SAN DIEGO – Wildlife research teams Wednesday announced the discovery of another pair of bald eagles nesting in San Diego County.

The third pair of bald eagles were found in a canyon near Palomar Mountain during an annual countywide Golden Eagle nesting survey conducted by the Wildlife Research Institute.

Based on it’s “salt and pepper” plumage coloration, one of the eagles was estimated to be 3 yeas old. The other bald eagle had white head and tail feathers indicating that it was 4 to 5 years of age.

The pair was in the process of building a nest in a tree, which indicates the animals have reached sexual maturity, WRI biologists said.   Since the nest was in the initial stages of being constructed, WRI assumed the pair would not finish the nest in time to lay eggs this year.

BAEG Ramona Grasslands

People have been asked not go anywhere near the nest.  The…

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