Labor Day Jobs Report Has Good and Bad News for California and San Diego

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The annual Labor Day report on jobs and the economy from the nonpartisan California Budget Project has some good and bad news on the state of jobs in California.

Some good economic news is that California has some of its lost jobs back.

Luke Reidenbach author of the report said, “The state has regained a number of jobs that were lost in the recession.” He said, “Between July 2007 and February 2010 the state lost a little over 1.3 million jobs and since then the state has regained a similar number of jobs.”

But those jobs don’t pay as much. According to the report middle and low-income workers earn less today than in 1979, when adjusted for inflation. And the number of low wageworkers has grown. Meanwhile top earners take in 17 percent more.

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Read the report for yourself. California Budget Project Report on the Economy and Jobs.

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