Police to wear cameras inside homes

Police to wear cameras inside homes


SAN DIEGO — San Diego police officers equipped with cameras on their uniforms will be allowed to record interactions with the public within private homes, Chief Shelley Zimmerman said Wednesday.

The chief outlined for the City Council’s Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee the SDPD policies developed for use of the new cameras.

Police Body CameraThe cameras will always be on during an officer’s shift, recording in 30-second loops so that video of the moments leading up to an interaction will be saved, she said. The officer will activate full video and audio recording before a contact.

“Private citizens have a reasonable expectation to privacy in their homes,” Zimmerman said. “However, when an officer is lawfully present inside a home, such as on a warrant, consent or exigent circumstances as examples — in the course of the officer’s official duties — there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy.”

The chief said officers will…

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