AM Briefing from for Memorial Day May 26, 2014

San Diego is remembering its veterans at several events today.

First at 7:00 AM the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Warrior Foundation 5-K run starts over at Naval Training Center Park.

In Lakeside at 9:00 AM the 68th annual Memorial Day Reading of the Names at the Carter-Smith Veterans of Foreign Wars post.

At 10:00 AM there is the dramatic looking Memorial Day service at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.

In Oceanside also at 10:00 the Veterans Association of North County is hosting its service at their headquarters at 1617 Mission Avenue.

On board the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum at 10:00 AM radio stations 100 point 7 Jack FM and KFMB are hosting an all-day blood drive.

At 10:30 the Kensington Social and Athletic Club is hosting the annual Kensington Holiday at Home Parade in the historic San Diego neighborhood.

And in Encinitas at 11:00 AM the American Legion Post 416 is hosting its Memorial Day remembrance.

Those are just a few of the events from all over San Diego County. The beaches are sure to be filled and almost all government offices are closed.

And finally this afternoon at 4:00 the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center is looking for your opinion on some new exhibitions ideas. They are hosting some focus groups. Today’s group is for adults without children.

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