Deputy being investigated by DEA

Deputy being investigated by DEA

SAN DIEGO – The Drug Enforcement Administration is investigating a San Diego Sheriff’s deputy, but the details remained a mystery Wednesday.

Former federal prosecutor Hamilton Arendsen said even though the deputy’s identity is unknown, based on the agency involved, it paints a pretty clear picture.

“The DEA gets involved in cases where they’re investigating a larger-scale drug traffic organization,” Arendsen said.

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department declined to comment on camera, instead releasing this statement acknowledging the probe:

“A sheriff’s deputy is currently under investigation by a federal law enforcement agency. The employee is on approved leave. Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and the protection afforded by the peace officer bill of rights, no additional information can or will be provided at this time. The Sheriff’s Department is cooperating fully with the investigating agency.”

According to Arendsen, often a low level criminal will get arrested and dangle knowledge…

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