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Deputy being investigated by DEA

Deputy being investigated by DEA


SAN DIEGO – The Drug Enforcement Administration is investigating a San Diego Sheriff’s deputy, but the details remained a mystery Wednesday.

Former federal prosecutor Hamilton Arendsen said even though the deputy’s identity is unknown, based on the agency involved, it paints a pretty clear picture.

“The DEA gets involved in cases where they’re investigating a larger-scale drug traffic organization,” Arendsen said.

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department declined to comment on camera, instead releasing this statement acknowledging the probe:

“A sheriff’s deputy is currently under investigation by a federal law enforcement agency. The employee is on approved leave. Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and the protection afforded by the peace officer bill of rights, no additional information can or will be provided at this time. The Sheriff’s Department is cooperating fully with the investigating agency.”

According to Arendsen, often a low level criminal will get arrested and dangle knowledge…

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$1 million missing from police fund

$1 million missing from police fund @SDPD


SDPD police carSAN DIEGO — The San Diego Police Department Friday has asked for an audit to determine what happened to $1 million seized from drug runners and other criminals.

The audit request comes after local media noted that police submitted a report to the federal government in 2010 that showed a closing balance of $1,153,426 in seized assets and a closing balance of $153,426 a year later, with no explanation as to how $1 million was spent. The funds were passed onto the SDPD by U.S. Treasury agencies under a program that redirects assets from illegal activities to local enforcement agencies, according to UT San Diego, which first reported the discrepancy.

“We acknowledge you have noted a discrepancy,” SDPD spokesman Lt. Kevin Mayer said in a statement. “We have asked the City Comptroller to do a complete review and audit of the seized asset fund to see if there is an…

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for May 23, 2014

More controversy for San Diego’s Police Department. This time it’s about what happened to a million dollars seized from criminals like drug runners. Jeff McDonald from UT San Diego broke the story. According to McDonald in 2010 SDPD submitted a report showing their closing balance at $1,153,426. Then the next year the beginning balance was $153,426. So what happened to the million dollars? SDPD Lt. Kevin Mayer says “We acknowledge you have noted a discrepancy, we have asked the City Comptroller to do a complete review and audit of the seized asset fund to see if there is an error.”

In the past couple of years SDPD has been marred by sexual misconduct from a few of its officers. Chief Shelly Zimmerman was brought in to ferret out problems in the department, like officers sexually assaulting suspects, however a missing million dollars in a whole different level of problem.

This morning at 9:00 in San Diego’s courthouse 40-year-old Douglas Michael Ellens will hear his fate for robbing three banks all within one week last summer. Ellens pleaded guilty. His lawyer says Ellens has a drug and alcohol problem and should be placed on probation and sent to rehab.

Also at 9:00 AM the San Diego Association of Governments Board of Directors is meeting about their budget plan for the coming year.

Today two of San Diego County’s theme parks have big new openings

First at 9:00 AM the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park is opening its new 19 point 5 million dollar Tull Family Tiger Trail. The tiger exhibit is over 5 acres with all kinds of stuff for the tigers to play with.

Then AT 10:00 Legoland is opening up its new “Legends of Chima” water park. The park has a 250,000-gallon wave pool, an arch that looks like a lion made out of more than a quarter million Lego bricks and more.

And finally at 4:00 this afternoon the San Diego Jazz Festival kicks off its three day run at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa in Del Mar.

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