Harmony Grove residents return to devastation

Harmony Grove residents return to devastation


SAN MARCOS, Calif. – The residents of Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association home are coping with heartbreak after the Cocos Fire devastated their property.

More than a dozen homes at the 13-acre community nestled in the hills of Escondido were destroyed Thursday night.

“All of the memories are gone,” said Margaret Thomas, her mother-in-law has lived in Harmony Grove for almost 80 years.  The majority of the people who lost their homes are retirees.

Harmony-Grove-victimsI don’t really think it has hit all of us yet as to what has really happened and what we’ve lost because you think I’ll go home and get that and then you realize I can’t go home,” fire victim Yvonne Birdsell said as she held back tears.

Most household items were unrecognizable in the ash and rubble.  Several statues, gardening items, and two brick fireplaces were still standing.  Residents spent the weekend searching for their…

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