AM Briefing from for May 8, 2014

President Obama is visiting San Diego today. Air Force One is scheduled to arrive at 11:50 AM at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Then he’s going over to Qualcomm co-founders house Irwin Jacobs for a fundraiser. Joining Obama at the $10,000 a plate lunch is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Obama is scheduled to leave at 2:30 this afternoon.

Two groups of protesters will try and get their message heard near the fundraiser. One group wants to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement because they say it’ll kill jobs in California. And another group wants to stop the Keystone Pipeline because they say it’ll “greatly increase greenhouse gas emissions and worsen the impacts of climate change”. Both the groups will be at the corner of Torrey Pines Road and Dunaway Drive starting at around 10:00 am.

The future of proposition 13 is what the San Diego County Taxpayers Association is talking about at their breakfast forum this morning at 7:30. Prop 13 is a property tax initiative passed in the late 70’s that basses your property tax on the value of the property at the time you bought it. For example if you bought your home in the 1883 for $100,000 and your house is now valued at $700,000 you pay your taxes on the $100,000 price. Also this means that if you owned an apartment complex the same rule applies. So if you own a building with 10 apartments and you got it in the 80’s for $500,000 and its now valued at $9 million you pay at the lower rate. Prop 13 is blamed for California schools funding problems, since education funding comes out of the property taxes.

At 10:00 AM the Port of San Diego is breaking ground at a $130,000,000 Lane Field hotel. It’ll be a Marriot hotel with 253 along with a Residence Inn with 147-rooms along with 27,000 square-feet or retail space along with parking for 400.

At 11:00 AM the San Diego City Council is continuing its examination of the coming years budget. Today they’re looking at the Housing Commission, Convention Center, Civic San Diego, and the city auditor.

This afternoon at 1:30 in San Diego’s courthouse Duane Herrmann is being arraigned and accused of burglarizing 11-homes. Reportedly during one of the burglaries a 12-year-old was in the home.

And finally tonight at 7:00 Mark Christopher Lawrence is headlining the Salvation Army’s “Heroes of Comedy Night”. It’s a scholarship fundraiser. You know Lawrence from the NBC show Chuck.

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