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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for April 24, 2014

Today is the day to apply for your Conditional Use Permit to distribute medical marijuana. Dispensary hopefuls have been waiting in line over night for one of the coveted permits, from the Development Services Office. The city is only issuing 4 permits per council district and there are nine districts, so that’s 36 permits in the city. Permits could cost as much at $100,000 each and take from 6 to 12 months to get. If you get one it’s only good for 5 years. Some of the regulations are … dispensaries must be 1000 feet from parks, schools, churches, playgrounds and 100-feet away from residential zones. The office open at 8:00 AM

This morning at 10:30 opponents to the new Barrio Logan zoning plan are talking to the press. They say that the new plan will cost San Diego jobs and hurt the ship maintenance industry. They want you to vote no on prop B and C this coming June’s election. However protonates of the new plan say the new zoning rules give the ship maintenance industry more space but also create a buffer zone between the toxic industry and residential properties.

In court today two arraignments and a sentencing are scheduled all at 1:30. The Arraignments are both in El Cajon’s courthouse’s Department 2. Christopher Szumski and Brandon Tye are accused of stealing donation money and sacramental wine from a church in Ramona. Angelo Paschall is accused of escaping from San Diego Police custody after a robbery arrest.

The sentencing is in San Diego courthouse’s Department 31 and is for Alex Charfauros. He was convicted of second-degree murder for his involvement in the death of SDPD officer Christopher Wilson. Today is about a guilty plea for trying to dissuade a witness form testifying.

Habitat for Humanity is opening up a store this morning at 9:30. It’ll be called ReStore. They’ll sell donated building materials to raise money for habitat homes.

At 10:00 AM a new 88-seat amphitheater at Live Oak County Park in Fallbrook is opening up with a ribbon-cutting.

San Diego’s Downtown Partnership is launching a tree-lighting program. They hope the lit trees with create a better ambiance and improve the safety of downtown.

And finally tonight at 7:00 Navy Captain Mark Cedrun is telling his first hand story about seizing a cargo ship that was taken by Somali pirates. This is the story that was made into the movie “Captain Phillips”

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