AM Briefing from for April 21, 2014

The 684-foot USS Summerset is coming home to San Diego this afternoon around 1:30. It’s the third of three ships for the Navy named in honor of the 9/11 attacks. The Summerset is named after Summerset County which is the county wear United Airlines Flight 93 crashed near Shanksville Pennsylvania. The amphibious transport dock ship was commissioned on March 1st. It has a crew of about 400, can transport 1,200 Marines, carry helicopters and deliver cargo.

Three U.S. Coast Guard mariners are being honored this afternoon at 3:00. Last May they rescue a father and his two adult sons from their capsized boast off coast near La Jolla.

In court today three sentencing’s of note..

In San Diego’s courthouse at 9:30 Phillip and Roselia Kubeck along with Earl Allen are being sentenced for bringing people into the United States through a hole in border fence then flying them in a small private plane all over the country.

Still in San Diego but at 1:30 Shawn Moore is being sentenced. Moore was caught during a robbery, tried to run away, tripped, fell and was hit by a car.

Also at 1:30 but in Vista’s courthouse Robert James Lynch is being sentenced for after pleading guilty to charges he related to a carjacking.

At 10:00 AM Earth Week at University of California San Diego starts today and to kick it off students are going to sort 1,000 pounds of trash. In the annual demo the refuse is dumped along UC San Diego’s International House Walk and is supposed to show how much of our trash can be recycled.

At 11:00 AM the non-profit the Equinox Center is releasing its annual Quality of Life Dashboard. It shows a bunch of environmental info for San Diego like water quality and consumption, transportation and land use.

At noon Supervisor Greg Cox is starting this year’s mosquito eradication campaign with the unveiling of a new app for your smartphone devoted to tracking the West Nile virus.

And finally at 7:00 tonight San Diego Unified School District is giving a talk about how to support our kids so they can successes at school.

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