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Tijuana is the elephant in the room for San Diego news. Tijuana is an ignored city in San Diego news circles. Only stories that are sensational make even the back pages here in the states. And they almost always seem to be about violence.

I don’t think it because of a systemic racism. No it’s just about the dollars. The rating companies don’t give San Diego media the viewer numbers for their news product in Tijuana. So there is no way to monetize covering news just across the boarder. If the Nielsen rating company would give Tijuana number with San Diego numbers I’m sure we’d cover the city and people of Tijuana a lot more in San Diego.

However what that has done is opened the door to smaller news producers like the one i talked to for this Political Podcast.

Journalist Vicente Calderon and I have known each other for years. He was an anchor in Los Angeles and left that to start a Tijuana based news website

He and his team follow all the top stories in Tijuana. He is also the go-to-guy for Tijuana news. He often field produces for American and other international media when they need someone.

He’s covered all of what we think about as stereotypical Tijuana stories … prison riots, drug murders and cartel battles. However he and his team cover the stories that don’t get coverage in American media like political debates and even the odd art opening.

We talk about media freedom and making a living as a journalist in Tijuana.

In the middle of the interview small drone started flying over our heads, file that under weird. But it shows how similar our two countries approaches to gathering news are. I know the TV station I work is defiantly looking at using a drone to gather news, not using it yet but I’m sure its coming.

I think this is a fascinating podcast and I hope you enjoy it.

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