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School officials back minimum wage hike

School officials back minimum wage hike


sdusd sign SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education tonight threw its unanimous backing behind a proposal to ask voters in November to raise the minimum wage and require five paid sick days for all people working in San Diego.

The minimum wage in California is $8 per hour. The state plans an increase to $9 an hour in July and $10 an hour in 2016.

Several San Diego City Council began a push last month to get a measure on the ballot that would increase the minimum wage in the city ahead of the planned state hikes.

On Monday, City Council’s Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee gave Council President Todd Gloria and the City Attorney’s Office the go ahead to draft a ballot measure that would mandate a “meaningful” increase to the minimum wage.

If ultimately approved, the increase could be phased in to give…

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Rescued family to arrive at North Island this morning

Rescued family to arrive at North Island this morning


[trib_ndn vid=25794414]SAN DIEGO — The San Diego family rescued from their sailboat about 1,000 miles west of Cabo San Lucas after their 1-year-old daughter became seriously ill is expected to arrive in port this morning at around 9:30 a.m.

Kaufman Kids Eric Kaufman with daughters Cora (l) and Lyra (r)

After rescue swimmers with the California Air National Guard parachuted to the family’s disabled 36-foot boat, where 1-year-old Lyra was given medication for a fever and rash, the family was put aboard the guided missile frigate USS Vandergrift on Sunday.

Eric and Charlotte Kaufman, Lyra and 3-year-old Cora were about two weeks into what they hoped to be an around-the-world sailing odyssey when the sailboat lost its steering and Lyra became seriously ill.

The rescue has sparked a debate over whether such young children should be taken on life-threatening adventures. Some critics have called for the family to cover the costs of…

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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for April 9, 2014

The family rescued at sea off the coast in Baja California is coming into port today aboard the USS Vandergrift. Eric and Charlotte Kaufman their daughters Cora who is 3-year-old and Lyra who is 1 were sailing around the world. The parents even blogged about their trip posting pictures and YouTube videos. Charlotte wrote a series of articles in San Diego Magazine about being pregnant on the trip and giving birth in Mexico. When they were rescued the boat was disabled and their 1-year-old was sick with a fever and rash. The California Air National Guard parachuted into the ocean to treat the baby and the USS Vandergrift came and picked them up. They are expected to make port at Naval Air Station North Island this afternoon around 4:00. According to the Navy the family does not want to talk to the media, but several of the sailors involved in the rescue will.

San Diego Unified School District Board of Education is asking voters to support a raise in California’s minimum wage. They want to raise the lowest paid workers salary form $8 an hour to $10. Many on San Diego City Council support the raise as well. Critics say that raising minimum wage will increase unemployment. While protonates say that it takes about $87,000 a year to raise a family of four and that means that both parents need be working full time and earn $20 an hour.

San Diego City Council’s Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee is meeting this morning at 9:00 AM about a possible development deal with Ballast Point and AleSmith breweries. And the Governor’s office is telling the committee about some new state economic development programs.

Then at 10:00 AM several officials along with the Mayor are officially starting construction on $1.7 million of improvements to 25th street in Golden Hill. Things like fixing the road, widening the sidewalks, and fixing or replacing water mains are all on the list.

At 10:00 this morning doctors are going to demo some new robots that let them evaluate patients by teleconferencing. Now doctors at Rady Children’s Hospital can use their lap tops, tablets, or smart-phones to talk to patients from wear ever they may be.

In court today two things worth mentioning.

First in El Cajon’s courthouse at 1:30 this afternoon Srteve Nakho is being arraigned and accused of attacking someone then barricading himself inside his lakeside home for hours.

And at 2:15 in federal court the detention hearing Glennys Rodriguez who is accused of being in charge of logistics for one of the two recently discovered border drug tunnels.

And finally at 6:00 tonight Palomar Health is offering free and low-cost health classes about weight loss

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