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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for April 8, 2014

Chula Vista’s Sweetwater Union High School District and representatives from the Sweetwater Teachers Association are back at the bargaining table today, according to the UTSanDiego.com. The teachers have been locked in a pitch battle over medical benefits and pay with the corruption plagued district for months now. Teachers voted to authorize a strike should negotiations reach a stale-mate.

The ex-superintendent of the Sweetwater Union High School District pleaded guilty last week to one felony count of taking a gift and the misdemeanor of not reporting the gift. He’s one of many district board members with criminal charges filed against them all stemming from a corruption scandal. The negotiations are sure to be tense.

In San Diego the city council was super busy yesterday. They picked Ed Harris to fill Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s now vacant council seat. Harris is a retired Marine, lifeguard, and head of the San Diego lifeguard’s union. He got the support of David Alvarez, Mark Kersey, Sherri Lightner, Scott Sherman and Lorie Zapf. Harris will sit on the council until the winner of this year’s election takes over.

According to a series of studies, San Diego is not doing that good of a job with its $50 million dollar technology upgrade. Oh it gets worse … this is something that was started years ago. The studies are going to be giving to the council today and were done by a Chicago firm Huron Consulting Group. The reports looked at a bunch of things that make the city work along with the I.T. upgrade. Real estate assets, fleet maintenance, purchasing and contracting just to name a few. The I.T. program called a SAP system started way back in 2007 and still isn’t up to speed.

S-A-P stands for System Analysis and Program. A SAP system is a digital system that helps run key parts of an organizations operation. For example Accounts Payable, Travel, Risk Management and the like.

It’s all being presented to the council today at 10:00 AM

Disgraced former San Diego mayor Bob Filner’s pension is cut to $1,800 a year as part of his sentence compliance. Filner pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and battery after three women accused him of sexual harassment. However he does still get about $1600 a month in city pension benefits. Filner just came off of house arrest and had a GPS-monitoring device removed.

And finally today is free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. They’ll be asking for donations for the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA while the free ice cream is scooped

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