Suspicious vehicle found parked at Naval Base San Diego

Suspicious vehicle found parked at Naval Base San Diego

Naval Station San Diego SAN DIEGO — Suspicious residue was found on a vehicle parked at Naval Base San Diego early Monday, prompting an investigation that closed two entrances to the base, officials said.

The vehicle, a truck, was discovered at about 6:30 a.m. parked by a package store. It was missing one wheel, according to a base spokeswoman.

A dog was brought in as part of the investigation and it alerted to the odor of some type of explosive residue, the spokeswoman said. As a precaution, that part of the base was secured and evacuated. The 32nd and 28th street entrances to the base were also closed to incoming traffic.

As of 9:30 a.m. investigators were still trying to identify the source of the residue. The patrol dogs are trained to alert to all kinds of explosives, including gunpowder resident, the spokeswoman said. There have been no bomb threats or explosive sightings, she…

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