AM Briefing from for April 4, 2014

Reports of a possible border tunnel are coming into the news room. At this point they are unconfirmed by federal authorities. I expect more info to come out later in morning, though it will be at a trickle. Check back for more info.

San Diego Zoo’s 5-day old hippopotamus died yesterday. Zoo workers found the calf during a normal morning check in. Zoo spokesperson Christina Simmons told the press that the mother hippo, named Funani, kept her baby so close they couldn’t figure out if it was a male or female.

Yesterday teachers from the San Ysidro Education Association voted to authorize a call to strike if negotiations with the San Ysidro School District fall through. Out of the 232 members 224 voted and 220 voted to strike. Teachers say they want a reduction in class size and a one percent raise. However the district says they don’t have the money and that they have a 2 point 6 million dollar deficit.

The controversial Barrio Logan zoning plan is back in court today at 11:00 AM. Executives from the maritime industry say that the new zoning plan could hurt their business. So they went out and got enough signatures to put it on the ballot.

However activists from the Environmental Health Coalition say that they need to separate industrial and residential property and that the new plan is a compromise that the businesses helped to create. Also they say that signatures were gathered by misleading people about what the new zoning plan is.

The maritime industry says that the new plan will cost 46,000 jobs.

Two sentencings today.

The first is at 9:30 this morning in Chula Vista’s courthouse. 36-year-old Kenneth Dwight Hamilton pleaded guilty to being one of four men that participated in the murder of two teenagers at an Oceanside Park. Prosecution says that the killings were over gang turf.

At 1:30 this afternoon Treviyon Rew will hear hit fate for shooting at two men while he was trying to carjack one of them.

Viejas Indian Reservation is hosting the San Diego County Fire Chiefs Association and 750 firefighters for three-days of training. Today media day at the training starting at 9:00 am. I bet you’ll lots of local stations with stories on it tonight.

And finally tonight at 5:30 still at the Viejas Indian Reservation a new bingo hall slash shopping mall is opening up with a ribbon cutting.

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