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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for March 27, 2014

San Diego State University Aztecs Men’s Basketball faces the University of Arizona Wildcats in a sweet 16 showdown. The Wildcats are heavily favored but many think that’s way overblown and the Aztecs are going to trounce their overconfident foe. Game starts at 7:17.

73-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s disease went missing yesterday afternoon and San Diego Sheriff’s Department wants you to keep an eye out for her. Her name is World Luz Loper, she’s five foot one inch tall, weighs about 100 pounds, has brown hair, and short white hair done up in a Mohawk. Sheriff’s Departments says that Loper likes to wear a trash bag when its raining and that if you ask her how old she is she’ll smile and say “Sweet 16” Anyone with any info is asked to call 858-565-5200.

One sentencing and an arraignment worth mentioning today.

At 8:30 this morning in San Diego’s courthouse Aaron Franklin will be sentenced for murdering a member of his own gang.

Then at 1:30 this afternoon in El Cajon’s courthouse Ernesto Dominguez is being arraigned and accused of breaking into a Spring Valley home.

At 11:00 AM Sweetwater Union High School District Board of Education President Jim Cartmill and Superintendent Ed Brand are talking to the press about the contract talks with teachers union. This board of education has been plagued with problems. One of its board members was convicted on corruption charges earlier this year. This week the board canceled a meeting for the second week in a row. They were supposed to talk about the teachers’ contract. So everyone is very curious what President Cartmill and Superintendent Brand will say.

San Diego County Treasure and Tax Collector Dan McAllister is talking to the press at 11:00 this morning about the approaching property tax deadline.

Then at 11:30 San Diego State Political Science professor Mikhail Alexseev, a Ukrainian native, is giving a talk about what effect the Kiev protests have had and what he thinks is going to happen in Ukrain’s future.

Habitat for Humanity is celebrating 10-years of working with the AFL-CIO this morning at 8:15.

Then at 9:15 the North County Transit District and San Marcos Fire Department is practicing rescuing people from a train stalled on a bridge. So if you see fire trucks at the Rancheros Road and Woodland Parkway rail bridge that goes over the 78 in North County, don’t freak out.

Long term parkers at San Diego’s airport are getting one of their lots back this morning at 10:00. The 2000 space lot just north of Lindbergh Field is re-opening, it now has some space set aside for a new rental car center that’s supposed to open in 2016.

At 10:30 the Scripps Institution of Oceanography is hosting a meeting about how the oceans affect human health. They’re talking about the molecular processes behind global marine pollutants, human exposure to methyl mercury, oil oxidation following the Deepwater Horizon disaster and much more.

And finally … how pirates have helped to advance the progress of science is the topic of a talk at University of California San Diego at 7:00 tonight.

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