AM Briefing from for March 26, 2014

San Diego City Council’s Infrastructure Committee is meeting at 9:00 AM and top of the agenda are the iconic sales at the Convention Center. According to a report by the Convention Center the sails will need to be replaced in 2017 and they want the city to pony up $11 and half million dollars to do it. The report also says that things like the heat and air conditioning system, restrooms, and ice makers are in need of immediate work. The report says it’ll cost $41 million to get up to date on all the back logged work.

Then this afternoon at 1:30 the city council’s Environment Committee is meeting and disbanding the committee created to arrange the Balboa Park centennial celebration. The committee says it wasn’t able to get enough interest from San Diegans or city officials.

Where a tsunami could hit in San Diego is what the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services is talking about today at 10:30 AM. They are going to show the media a mailer and map that every home and business in possible tsunami zones will get showing them how their area could be affected by a tsunami. Eighth graders from the Old Town Academy are also going to show off an evacuation demo they made.

Then this morning at 11:30 Council President Todd Gloria is talking to the press about raising San Diego’s minimum wage. Gloria wants voters to weigh in on it and decide if San Diego workers deserve a higher lowest pay.

In court today two sentencings and two arraignments worth mentioning.

In El Cajon’s courthouse at 2:00 PM Tony Lee Burleson is being sentenced for molesting four teenage boys. The 44-year-old firearms trainer pleaded guilty to molesting the boys one of which is a relative of his.

At 1:30 in San Diego’s courthouse Joann Carter will hear her fate for stabbing a guy she was dating in the neck after she found out he was dating other women.

In El Cajon’s courthouse at 1:30 Blaine Anthony Arellano is being arraigned for assaulting his roommate which ended with Arellano being stabbed by the roommate.

And still in El Cajon at 1:30 Francisco Roblero is being arraigned for running from the cops while riding his motorcycle and slamming into a trolley.

Stopping obesity and diabetes in the Asian and Pacific Islander community is what 13 restaurant owners are talking about this morning at 10:00. They’ll be at Operation Samahan, an immigrant health care focused organization headquarters at 1428 Highland Ave in National City.

Patrick Henry High School is finally breaking ground on a new performing arts center at 3:30 this afternoon. San Diego Unified School District has had the new building on the drawing board for years.

And finally at 6:00 tonight new San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman is hosting another town hall meeting. This time she’s at Cherokee Point Elementary taking questions.

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