UCSD scientists’ discovery backs Big Bang theory

UCSD scientists’ discovery backs Big Bang theory


[trib_ndn vid=25725152]SAN DIEGO– Local scientists believe they’ve made an epic discovery, detecting traces of the “Big Bang” that created the universe.

Some 50 scientists from UC San Diego, Caltech, Stanford, Harvard and the University of Minnesota spent 13 years working toward the discovery.

team_bicep2_2009“It’s kind of an amazing thing to be a part of; it hasn’t fully sunk in yet,” said Brian Keating, associate professor of physics at UCSD, who is part of the group that presented the new findings.  “To think that this little germ of an idea that some of us had years ago could be taking us back to what we think is the very instance of the creation of the universe.”

Keating created the telescope that made the discovery. They believe they’ve captured traces left over by cosmic inflation that happened 13.8 billion years ago.  The findings need to be confirmed by independent peer review and other…

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