Earthquake shakes up reporter on live TV

Earthquake shakes up reporter on live TV

Tech reporter Rich Demuro got quite a jolt Monday morning by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake centered about 10 miles from KTLA’s Hollywood studios.

Demuro was talking to Fox 5 anchor Raul Martinez in San Diego about email scams just before 6:30 a.m. when the temblor rattled the the monitors around him at KTLA.

“The best way to avoid these email scams … Oh, we’re having an earthquake here,” Demuro said.  “Whoa, this is a big one! Wow, this is  a large quake that we just had here at KTLA.”

Demuro turned his back on the camera and started heading toward the back of the set, but he quickly turned around, remembering that he was on live TV, and asked Martinez if he felt the quake in the Fox 5 studio, which is about 125 miles south of Hollywood. Martinez said he felt nothing.

Demuro said he was feeling some aftershocks…

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