Teacher strike looms at Sweetwater District schools

Teacher strike looms at Sweetwater District schools


[trib_ndn vid=25709679]CHULA VISTA, Calif. — The Sweetwater School District and its teachers reached an impasse Wednesday while negotiating a new contract. They’ve been talking for almost a year with no deal in sight.

Sweetwater is the second largest district in the county operating 26 high schools and middle schools.

TEACHER STRIKE SINGSThe union representing the teachers, the Sweetwater Education Association, has called for a strike vote to take place Thursday and Friday. If teachers approve this drastic negotiating measure, the union could call for a work stoppage at any point in the near future.

“They have yet to make the argument there’s no money at this point, in fact, we know they have money to pay for our proposal and we know they’re getting more money next year,” said Roberto Rodriguez, the union’s president.

Rodriguez said the district also wants teachers to pay a lot more for medical benefits.

“In some cases it…

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