AM Briefing from for March 10, 2014

A 36-year-old man held off law enforcement in standoff at the San Diego FBI field office Sunday afternoon. According to Special Agent Darrell Foxworth the suspect, William Durant, scaled the complex’s south side gate and tried to get into the building. When he wasn’t able to get inside he walked to the top of the parking garage and climbed onto the roof of the main building. Reportedly Durant was in contact with several news stations in San Diego while he was on the roof. FBI negotiators were able to talk him down after nearly 6-hours.

This morning after 9:00 AM the USS Coronado is coming home to San Diego. The Coronado is a littoral combat ship, that means it is designed to fight in the “littoral zone” which is the zone close to shore. It has a crew of 40 sailors 8 officers & 32 enlisted. Plus it can carry 35 for missions.

This afternoon at 2:00 San Diego City Council is meeting and top of the agenda is the Salary Setting Commission’s decision to freeze pay for the mayor and council-members. The mayor makes $100,000 a year and council-members $75,000. Commission Chairman Bob Ottilie says this is the first time the panel is recommending salaries stay the same. Ottilie says that part of the reason they are recommending no salary change is because of how frustrated his commission is with their recommendations being politicized. He went on to say “We pay so little that the only people who can afford to take a job as a council member or mayor [is] somebody who doesn’t earn $75,000 a year, a young person with very little experience who’s willing to devote their career to low-income, or the wealthy.”

OK here is your editorial alert …

In my opinion the chairman is way out of touch. Of course the salaries of elected officials are going to be politicized. Voters care about that kind of thing. And it’s not just the quote “young with very little experience” who earn less than $75,000 a year. The Average Median Income in San Diego for two adults working full-time with two kids is about $72,000 a year. Ottilie needs to get in touch with what the “middle” is in this city.

OK I’m off my soap box for now.

This afternoon at 1:00 the start of construction of on a new San Diego Central Courthouse kicks off with a ground breaking. Several judges and County Supervisor Greg Cox will lead the ceremony. The hope is that the new building will consolidate several departments like criminal, civil, probate, family and small claims courts under one roof.

In the soon-to-be old courthouse in San Diego this morning one case worth mentioning.

Judy Lynn Hayman is having a review hearing at 8:30 this morning. Hayman escaped from a Michigan prison 36-years ago and has been living in San Diego since. She is fighting her extradition.

Tonight at 7:00 more talk with the committee about San Diego Unified School Districts plan for the future called “Vision 2020” They’re meeting at Crawford High over in the college area if you want to stop by.

And finally at noon retired sheriff’s Captain Leland McPhie is celebrating his 100th birthday. Mcphie was with the Sheriff’s Department for 28-years and is the author of the first department policy manual for deputies working at the jails. He wrote that way back in 1940. Stop by the Sheriff’s Museum at 2384 San Diego Ave and say happy birthday.

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