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AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for February 21, 2014

Early last night an ice cream truck was reportedly robbed by three armed boys between 10 and 12 years old. San Diego Police say at around 6:45 last night the three boys walked up to the truck and one of the boys showed a handgun and demanded cash from the ice cream truck driver. The boys then ran away.

Interim Mayor Todd Gloria says that the proposed audit of the San Diego Police Department could take over a year to do and should be broad reaching in its scope. This all comes on the heels of two officers being accused of sexually inappropriate contact with female suspects. Christopher Hays is facing charges and Donald Moncrief has been accused and is under investigation. Interim Mayor Todd Gloria says “This audit will be thorough, it will be substantial, and it will be transparent”

Mexican millionaire Jose Azano Matsura pleaded not guilty to illegally donating $600,000 into San Diego political campaigns. Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Perry wanted to detain the millionaire, telling the judge that Azano is a flight risk. The prosecutor went on to say that Azano is the center of a massive fraud that could be the largest in San Diego County history. But Azano’s lawyer Knut Johnson told the judge that his client would never leave his family. The federal magistrate released Azano on $5 million bond.

At 10:00 AM in San Diego courthouse the San Diego City Employees Retirement System and the City of San Diego are in court again today over the pension program. A hearing that’s supposed to clear up a section of the charter requiring the city and employees to make what’s called “Substantially equal retirement contributions”. Now what “equal” means with the voter approved pension reform initiative is what’s in questions. The City Attorney says San Diego can’t contribute more that the employees union because of the reform initiative. While several councilmen say they don’t want to be forced to increase the burden on city employees.

Also at 10:00 this morning San Diego State University his hosting a grand opening for the new Nasatir and Storm Hall complex.

And finally tonight at 7:00 a benefit honoring my former coworker and anchor Loren Nancarrow will be in the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in the guitar exhibit.

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