Reporter uncovered political funding scandal years ago

Reporter uncovered political funding scandal years ago

[trib_ndn vid=25621487]SAN DIEGO — Reporter David Maass no longer works in San Diego, but one of his articles for City Beat will probably never be forgotten.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9 00 52 PMAbout two years ago, at the height of the mayoral race in San Diego, Maass came across a strange name while looking through campaign finances filed by candidates. It was a political action committee with ties to a businessman from Mexico, Jose Susumo Azano.

He discovered Azano was not a U.S. citizen nor a legal resident in this country, which meant his contributions were against the law.

He published his suspicions, but his work went largely ignored and almost forgotten until recently.

Little did he know, the U.S. Attorney would use his findings as the basis for its investigation into Azano and his dirty money.

Last month, indictments were issued against Marco Polo Cortes, Ernesto Encinas and Ravi Singh. All three are accused of…

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