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EDITORIAL NARRATIVE – “A Tale of Two Universes – Fresno and San Diego – The Same, Only Different”


AM Briefing from Bowlersdesk.com for February 7, 2014

California’s power grid managers are asking us to conserve power because of a natural gas shortage. The California Independent System Operator issued the “Flex Allert” because of all power usage heating homes in the extreme cold back east. San Diego Gas and Electric is echoing the call for conservation. SDG&E is offering a 75 cent per kilowatt hour credit for people that reduce their power usage between 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

San Diego Company and its 400 employees are leaving town for Austin Texas. Websense, a web security software developer founded in 1994, was bought by Texas based Vista Equity Partners. Texas Governor Rick Perry is promoting Texas as a better place to have a business then California. And Perry goes on to say that Vista Equity is going to spend 9.9 million in Texas. However I have to question the long term economic impact … equity companies usually buy then gut companies. So i wonder what will happen to the 400 employees in a year or two. That said … keeping businesses in San Diego is sure to take the front burner in our mayoral race.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is reminding us about all of the rules limiting people from bringing flowers into the states from Mexico. This morning at 8:30 they’re talking with the media at one of San Diego’s border crossing cargo facility.

In San Diego’s courthouse this morning at 9:00 lawyers for former San Diego Police officer Anthony Arevalos are asking a judge to decide if evidence was left out by prosecutors. Arevalos was convicted of sexually assaulting several women while on duty. His lawyers say that victim statements were left out of evidence and that they could help Arevalos’s case.

Then at 1:30 this afternoon also in San Diego’s courthouse Judy Lynn Hayman is scheduled to be arraigned. Hayman had been living as a fugitive for over 37-years after escaping from a Michigan prison following her conviction for larceny.

San Diego’s Police are getting money to put defibrillators in their patrol cars. Councilman Mark Kersy is making the announcement at 11:00 AM .

Then at 11:30 State Assembly Member Toni Atkins is talking with the press about new legislation that is meant to help strengthen privacy for domestic violence victims.

At 4:00 PM the Kiwanis Club of San Diego is honoring school counselors at its 9th annual Celebration of San Diego Unified School Counselors.

And finally tonight at 6:30 you can watch the opening for the Olympic Games on the big screen on board the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum.

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