AM Briefing from for January 31, 2014

According to the National Weather Service Strong winds, big surf, and rain are hitting all over San Diego County today. Winds with gusts up to 50-miles-per-hour will scour the mountain and deserts in San Diego. High tides over 7-feet could bring flooding. And the scattered showers are sure to snarl our commute. For once there is actually weather in San Diego

San Diego sheriff warns us not to get taken by a new phone scam. The scammers call you and say they are some kind of law enforcement and that one of your relatives has a warrant out requiring immediate cash payment to avoid arrest. Sheriff Bill Gore says that law enforcement does not call asking for payment to avoid arrest warrants. And if you do get one of those calls or a call that makes you suspicious just hang up and call the Sheriff’s Department on your own at 858-565-2000.

This morning at 8:30 climate change, getting to school safely, and the profile of politicians from all across California is what the San Diego Association of Governments Board of Directors is talking about today for the last day of their annual retreat.

Early this afternoon at 11:00 American Donald Young faces Wimbledon champ Andy Murray for the opening match of the Davis Cup at PETCO Park. Special tennis court and grand stands was built in the middle of center field.

Also at 11:00 AM Wal-Mart is giving $100,000 to Angel’s Depot. Angel’s Depot is a San Diego nonprofit that feeds the ageing poor.

University of California San Diego is celebrating Black History Month today at noon with music and spoken-word at Price Center Plaza.

This afternoon at 12:30 the new 500,000-squate-foot hospital on base at Camp Pendleton opens with a ribbon cutting.

And finally at 5:00 tonight San Diego Vietnamese American Youth Alliance starts its three-day party for the Tet Festival. The party is at the Mira Mesa Community Park.

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