SD bartender becomes Master Mezcalier

SD bartender becomes Master Mezcalier

[trib_ndn vid=25549631]SAN DIEGO –A downtown San Diego bartender has a new level of expertise shared by just a handful of people in the world.  Jen Queen is among the first to graduate with the special certification of Master Mezcalier.  What is a Master Mezcalier?  She’s glad you asked.

Shbar pice’s an expert on the alcohol mezcal.

“Mezcal is the origin of tequila,” she said from behind the bar of Saltbox downtown. “If we go way back, this is the way tequila was produced.”

The difference between tequila and mescal is that mezcal must be made with 100 percent agave plants, tequila needs just 51 percent.

Queen’s love of spirits is in her blood. She grew up with her mom running a bar in Ohio.

“It always seemed like the most fun profession you could ever be in,” Queen said. “I’m friends with everybody at my bar and they can drink…

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