Political Podcast – Pope’tastic with Brad Kierkegaard

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And no he’s not a relation of the famous 19th century philosopher.

We talked about the Pope.

The Pope is making waves inside and outside the church.

His views on what the Catholic Church should be focused on.

The poor over birth control.

His criticisms of global capitalism.

He’s even come out in favor of breastfeeding, though we don’t talk about that.

I waited as long as I did after Pope Francis came into power because I wanted him to have to time to do stuff before I started to judge him. Brad has some great points about this new Pope. I particularly like his comparison to Pope Emeritus Benedict.

We sat in the little chapel behind the alter at Saint Joseph’s, San Diego’s Cathedral.

Brad has this great way of couching his criticisms in positivity. It’s a fascinating and interesting chat.

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