AM Briefing from for January 16, 2014

The National Weather Service extends the high fire danger Red Flag warning to a fourth day. Continuing dry, windy, and warm weather is what prompted the extension. Today it’s going to be in the mid 70’s to low 80’s, humidity is going to be around 5%, and wind gusts are hitting 40 miles per hour. The National Weather Service expects the dangerous conditions to extend through Friday but things are expected to calm down over the weekend.

The trial is over and the jury is back with a verdict for the two men accused being part of a kidnapping gang working in the San Diego County. Jorge Rojas Lopez and Juan Estrada Gonzalez face the death penalty if convicted. They are accused of carrying out kidnappings and murders in the United States for Mexican cartels. In 2007 an unassuming suburban house in Chula Vista is wear authorities say the gang held a wealthy businessman for ransom. In separate murder charges they are accused of shooting some of their victims and asphyxiating others by stuffing using socks stuffed down their throats. The verdict will be read at 9 AM in San Diego downtown courthouse.

In much lighter court news Gian Ericson de los Reyes is being arraigned this morning at 8:00 AM in El Cajon’s courthouse. He’s accused of stealing iPods but leaving the boxes filled with erasers.

In even lighter news at 1:00 this afternoon Cecilia Abadie is in traffic court fighting a ticket for wearing Google glasses while driving.

At 9:00 this morning San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System Board of Directors is taking comments from the community on proposed rapid transit route changes.

And finally this afternoon at 12:15 Judge Juan Guzman Tapia, the prosecutor of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, is at California Western School of Law. He’s being honored and will give the schools prestigious S. Houston Lay Lecture.

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