Navy to relocate USS Theodore Roosevelt to San Diego

Navy to relocate USS Theodore Roosevelt to San Diego

USS Theodore RooseveltSAN DIEGO — The USS Ronald Reagan will be relocated from Coronado to Japan next year as part of the U.S.’s plan to keep six aircraft carriers in commission in the Asia-Pacific region, Navy officials announced this week.

The Reagan has been chosen to replace the USS George Washington at Yokosuka Naval Base so that the Washington, which was commissioned in 1992, can move to Virginia to complete a lengthy nuclear refueling and overhaul, according to the Navy.

“Our aircraft carriers and their embarked air wings must operate forward because the truth is you simply must be present to influence events in the world,” said Vice Adm. David H. Buss, commander, Naval Air Forces. “No matter the mission, whether the situation is promptly delivering humanitarian aid in a sudden crisis or conducting combat operations, when hours count, help can’t be weeks away.”   Though its losing the Reagan, the San Diego…

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