AM Briefing from for January 15, 2014

Today is day three for high fire danger in San Diego. Extremely low humidity and high winds have parched and a scoured all of southern California. The National Weather Service is warning San Diegans not only about potential fires but they are also saying to “Watch for broken tree limbs and debris on roadways”. The windy and dry weather is going to last through Friday but it’s on a downswing and we should be out of the woods by Saturday.

In court this afternoon there are two arraignments of note on the docket for 1:30 both in San Diego’s downtown courthouse

Leon Powell arraignment for allegedly breaking into well know food writer Jeanne Jones’s house and stealing jewelry.

Then William Cady who is accused of killing three people in a drunken crash on State Route 52 late last Friday night.

San Diego’s City Council is busy today.

First in the morning at 9:00 the council’s Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee is meeting and on the agenda is the living wage ordinance.

Then this afternoon at 2:00 the Smart Growth and Land Use Committee is meeting. They are talking about some parking issues and making it possible to sell or transfer ownership of card rooms. Who knew? The Smart Growth and Land Use Committee has control over some card room issues.

This afternoon at 1 is the tapping of the first mayoral debate between Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez. The debate is being co-hosted by 10news, KPBS, and the Society of Professional Journalists. It is going to air tonight at 7:00

And finally tonight at 6:00 interim Mayor Todd Gloria is giving his State of the City speech. Gloria has been soliciting recommendations for songs to play at the event after the speech via twitter. So if you have an idea for the play list tweet “@ToddGloria”

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